Life lately: October 2014.

Watching | I went to the cinema twice and watched the Swedish films Min så kallade pappa and Hallonbåtsflyktingen. I really liked them both. Swedish cinema really has stepped it up in recent years. My favourite films that we watched at home were This is Where I Leave You and Bad Neighbours.

Listening to | I've got tired of my old playlists so I've started listening to some top lists on Spotify and discovered some new music. But soon it'll be socially acceptable to listen to Christmas music again and I can't wait :)

Consuming | Way too much chocolate for my own good, especially in Warsaw and after I came home with a box of Wedel pralines for Per (that he generously shared with me, of course).

Reading | I didn't get any reading done in October! I don't have any books on my nightstand that I like very much right now, so I just end up playing games on my phone before bed instead. I need to finish one more book this year to reach my goal of reading 10 books though, so it's about time I got started.

Visiting | Cissi in Warsaw.

Enjoying | Going to Warsaw of course, and the warm autumn we've had.

Making | Photobook pages! I am proud to say that I'm getting close to finishing my 2013 book. I never thought I'd finish it this year because it's so much longer than the ones for 2011 & 2012 which I finished in November the following year, but unless anything unexpected happens I should be able to complete it very soon.

Looking forward to | I have some weekend trips lined up, but honestly, what I look forward to the most is the day I can get my hands on an iPhone 6 (the silver 64GB edition). I've wanted one ever since it came out but I wasn't quick enough and now it's been sold out everywhere for weeks. I keep checking the shops online on a daily basis but no luck so far. It might be back in stock at the end of next week though, so fingers crossed :)


  1. Oktober har verkligen bara flugit iväg.. Nu är vintern här när som helst :(!

    1. Ja, hos er måste det vara vinter på riktigt nu? Här är det fortfarande relativt varmt (10+) så det känns inte som att vi är en bit i november redan.