2014 Top 5.

TV shows

Mad Men | Call the Midwife | Halvvägs till Himlen | Historieätarna | Inte OK!

I actually no longer download any TV shows regularly, and these days I watch most of my TV on TV. The shows I used to download regularly have all been cancelled and I haven't found any new shows that appeal to me enough to actually commit to them. Mad Men and Call the Midwife are the only shows I watch that have been around for a while. Other than that I've started watching several Swedish shows that I greatly enjoy and look forward to each week.


Still Life | Frozen | The To Do List | Hundraåringen | About Time

I watched more films than ever this year, another reason why TV shows took a back seat. There were many great ones and I had a hard time picking my favourite five but in the end I managed to narrow it down to these ones. I put this together a week ago and since then I've watched Gone Girl and I think that would have made the Top 5 otherwise though.


En man som heter Ove | The Light Between Oceans | The Boy from Baby House 10 | The Snow Child | Between Shades of Gray

I read more than usual at times this year but since the summer I've had a hard time finding books that have drawn me in so my reading pace has slowed down significantly. I have a bunch of books waiting to be read on my nightstand though so I hope I will read more next year.

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