Life lately: November 2014.

Watching | Most notably I watched Interstellar at the cinema. I was a bit sceptical beforehand because it's not my kind of film at all, but it was definitely worth watching and did not feel long despite its three hours.

Listening to | I updated my 60s/70s/80s/90s playlists with some new tunes so I've been listening to those a lot, and also my Christmas playlist on Spotify :)

Consuming | Way too many unhealthy things I am sure. I blame the constant darkness.

Reading | We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves which I bought when I was in Stockholm on the 11th-12th of the month. Really like it so far. I also bought The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult so I'll be reading that next.

Visiting | Jenny in Växjö.

Enjoying | The iPhone 6 I finally got my hands on. I am so in love with it. Also, the training I went on in Stockholm + staying at a hotel right in the middle of the city centre near all the shops :) And the cute heart-patterned dress I got from Oasis and have been wearing as much as I can ever since :) And, going on a mini-break to Gothenburg this past weekend with our friends. On a smaller scale, I really enjoyed seeing some sunshine again at the end of November, at long last.

Making | Progress with my Christmas shopping. I'm about half-way done now. Still have some tricky presents to figure out though.

Looking forward to | Some big news I'm expecting on December 19th, then December 22nd depending on what happens on December 19th... And Christmas of course.

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