Trips in 2014: Gothenburg.

The weekend before last we went to Gothenburg with our friends Sara and Oskar. We escaped work a couple of hours early that Friday and caught the train that would take us from the east coast to the west coast. All the food and drink supplies we'd brought along made the four hour long trip pass by much quicker than I expected. Soon enough we found ourselves in the bar at our hotel, which is where we ended the day.

Needless to say Saturday morning began with the obligatory delicious hotel breakfast. Once everyone had eaten more than they should we headed out exploring the city. To my great delight our means of transportation was not a bus nor train, but a ferry that conveniently stopped close to our hotel and took us into central Gothenburg. It was a grey and chilly day so my photos are rather dull and I let my camera stay tucked away in my bag more than I would have otherwise, but here are some photos from around the city:

The Universeum science centre (last picture) was the perfect place to spend a couple of hours and escape the cold. I especially enjoyed the aquarium and rainforest exhibits. I recognized quite a few of the fish we have in our (fresh water) aquarium back home and it was fun to see them in a more "natural" habitat. They are much too small to take photos of though.

After a late lunch (Italian food - yum!) we went to the Christmas Market at the Liseberg Amusement Park, the highlight of the weekend. I've spent several summer days there but it was my first time going in the winter and it was a quite different experience to walk around the park surrounded by Christmas spirit and drinking hot cocoa.

Of course there were far more lights than in the summer :)

On Sunday the sun finally made an appearance and I took the opportunity to snap a few final shots of the city before it was time to catch the train home and say goodbye to Gothenburg for now.


  1. Åh vad underbart fint Göteborg är ^^ Och fina bilder :)! Var länge sedan man var där nu, tror en 4 år eller så :D kram

    1. Ja det är verkligen en fin stad :) Tack! Tycker det är så trist att ta bilder när det nästan alltid är mörkt men man får ju försöka...