Trips in 2014: Poland in December.

Slowly catching up with the updates I'm behind with... On the 13th of December my parents, Fanny and I headed down to Poland to visit my grandma for a day. 2014 was a bit of a record for me in recent years with its four trips to Poland, three of which were to visit grandma. This last trip was a bit of a let-down because we were supposed to take the ferry in the evening of the 12th but it was cancelled due to a winter storm. Because we had to postpone the trip until the next evening Per and Fanny's boyfriend were unable to come with us as planned. It was still rather windy during the two nights we spent onboard (i.e. on the way there & back) and I had a hard time sleeping, but seeing how happy grandma was to see us made it all worth it.

After spending several hours with her and showering her in gifts (mostly chocolate) we headed back to central Gdynia for lunch.

Since we still had the whole afternoon to spend before the ferry was due to leave in the evening we decided to go to the Christmas market in Gdansk. I'd never been there before and it was quite cozy.

Once we grew tired of the cold we headed back Gdynia and spent a couple of hours at the large shopping centre there before catching a cab back to the ferry terminal. The next morning we were back in Sweden again.

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