Around here: A final goodbye.

The city of Gdynia truly showed off its best side on Friday, the day of my grandma's funeral. The ferry arrived in the morning and once we'd met up with mum and Cissi and had breakfast we had some time to spend before we had to pick up the flowers for the funeral in the afternoon. Someone suggested a walk and I certainly didn't turn down an occasion to visit my favourite fountain or avenue...

Around noon we picked up the flowers and headed over to the chapel where the funeral was held. The actual service was beautiful, especially the reading of the Polish version of this poem.

Afterwards we gathered at a restaurant with this lovely view:

In the evening the ferry left Gdynia and I watched the sun set over the city. It's not likely that I will go back there as often now, but I know I will never fully let go of the city where I spent so many wonderful summer days as a child. Just like my grandma, it will always hold a special place in my heart.

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