Life lately: June 2015.

Watching | I watched several films in June but the only two that really stood out were Fifty Shades of Grey and Kingsman: The Secret Service. I agreed to watch the former reluctantly because there was nothing else to watch, and was actually positively surprised by it. I mean, it has basically no plot whatsoever and is offensive in certain ways, but it was pretty to look at so a shallow part of me enjoyed it. The latter was a film I'd looked forward to watching ever since I saw the trailer and unfortunately I was quite disappointed by it, particularly by the excessive amount of fighting scenes (but, Colin Firth!).

Listening to | Summer music mostly. Nothing new.

Consuming | Strawberries as often as I can :)

Reading | Guide books and trying to make plans for my upcoming summer vacation.

Visiting | The parents, S & O for Midsummer, my cousin to attend his high school graduation.

Enjoying | Finishing my third Project Life album (will be sharing photos of it soon), the summer party at work, a summery weekend in Skåne, Midsummer weekend, just summer in general ♥

Making | I worked on the PL album, other than that I've updated my family tree a bit and last but not least I made some changes to this little blog.

Looking forward to | Going to see the Minions film tomorrow night :D

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