Outings: A day in Lund.

On Saturday my parents and I drove down to Lund to visit Cissi. It was a warm day, almost too warm, especially in Cissi's apartment where she had just baked cinnamon buns before we arrived. Of course those delicious buns made up for it though. It's such a strange feeling for me to visit Cissi because she lives in the exact same apartment building where I lived during my five years in Lund. A note with my handwriting is still stuck to my old mailbox, five years after I moved out.

Before long we had to go outside to get some fresh air... Not that the stifling heat outside was very refreshing. We tried our best to find shade to hide in as we made our way to the nearby botanical gardens. After lunch my parents headed off to visit my cousin while Cissi and I strolled around the city and hung out in the Lundagård area, where I spent so many of my days what feels like a lifetime ago. Lund has no place to go swimming but somehow we got the brilliant idea to go and dip our feet in one of the city's fountains. I am sure some people would frown upon it, but the water was cool and clean so why not? We liked it so much that we stayed there until it was time for me to head back home again. All in all it was such a fun day and I have to say I really enjoyed playing tourist in my old hometown :)


  1. Superfina bilder verkligen :) Verkar som en riktigt härlig tripp :)

    1. Tack så mycket :) Ja det var en härlig dag, om än väldigt varm hehe. Nästan svårt att fatta att det var så varmt så pass nyligen nu när det är ruggigt och regnigt.