Outings: Northern Öland.

The weather on Sunday was supposed to be unsteady but it turned into the perfect summer day! One of the warmest day so far this year with unlimited sunshine. In order to make the most of it we went for a long drive to northern Öland. Öland is always beautiful, but especially so in the summer. We ended up visiting the Långe Erik lighthouse at the north point of the island. Didn't go up to the top this time, but the surrounding scenery is beautiful enough. On the way home we stopped by a fish restaurant for lunch, and then I just had to stop by the poppy fields we'd passed by on the way north and take some photos. I feel so lucky to live so close to Öland at this time of year!

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  1. Fina bilder :) Har bara varit på Öland en gång, med skolan på en 1-veckas exkursion :) Skulle gärna åka tillbaka dit kan jag lova ^^