Outings: Blå jungfrun.

On one of the most beautiful summer days this year we went on a daytrip to the uninhabited island of Blå jungfrun with some good friends. Visiting the mythical island had been on our respective to-do-lists for many years but somehow it hadn't worked out until now. I'd seen the island countless times from the mainland and from the island of Öland, and thought I had some idea about what it would be like. However, as it turned out the little hill in the distance didn't give away much about the islands secrets at all. For example, I imagined it to be much smaller and was surprised that we spent almost all our time on the island simply making our way around it. There was so much to discover, from the ancient stone labyrinth and the caves to the untouched dense forest... We had time to see the highlights but we could easily have spent several more hours there. At the end of the day we all agreed that it was the perfect summer day, what with the incredible weather and scenery. Definitely a place I wish to revisit some day.

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