Around here: An evening in Saxnäs.

Finally, I bring you a preview of our photoshoot by Josefina Norman. Can't wait until I can get some of these printed and framed!

We leave for sunny Spain tonight and will be back on Friday evening, so I won't be around very much this week, but I'll share more photos from the photoshoot when we get back :)

Outings: Pataholm, Stensjö By + Simpevarps by.

It's almost the weekend again and here I am updating about Saturday... In my defense it's been a busy week and my mind has been occupied elsewhere, trying desperately to wrap up all the loose ends at work. One more day to go! Unless anything unforseeable happens I should manage to finish the things I need to before it's time to head home tomorrow afternoon. Of course I am already dreading the day I go back August 19th, but I am trying my best to pretend that day will never come.

So, back to last Saturday. This time we headed north and our first stop was this lovely place:

The little coastal village of Pataholm with it's well-preserved 19th century houses and cottages. It was certainly more alive now than last time we went there which was in early February, but it was still mostly quiet and serene.

Our next stop was Stensjö by, another well-preserved old village a bit further north. While Pataholm was historically important when it came to trade and shipping Stensjö by has a decidedly more rural background. When you walk around its grounds you almost feel like you've been transported back to a farm from a hundred years ago...

The day's final stop was Simpevarp by, which is an old rural village much alike Stensjö by...

Except that it's right next to a nuclear power station that produces more than 10 percent of the country's electricity.

The last farmers who lived there were convinced to sell their land in the 60s when it was decided that the Simpevarp peninsula was a good place for a power plant. At first the intention was to tear the village down but then it was kept as a museum to stand in contrast to the power plant. The nature of the peninsula is enchanting and it's easy to see why it was home to generation upon generation until not too long ago.

As you walk through the peaceful forest of the peninsula it's quite impossible to tell that you are actually right next to a huge power plant.

When I lived in the province of Skåne I did most of my exploring during the summer because that's when the most beautiful places truly come alive, and I am really enjoying getting to know my new surroundings at this time of the year as well. I am so grateful that we have been blessed with such a beautiful summer so far this year. Even though my vacation hasn't even started yet I feel like I've been able to enjoy summer in so many ways already, and to think that most of it is still ahead of me fills me with such joy :)

Outings: Following Moberg's footsteps.

Wouldn't you agree that Mondays feel extra unwelcome in the summer? Especially on a day as bright and sunny as today when the last thing I want to do is spend the day cooped up inside. But alas, such is life. At least I only have two weeks left to work before my vacation starts, and until then I have the weekends where I can go to places such as this one:

The above was Saturday's picnic location. We spent the whole day in the forest, picking mushrooms and wild strawberries under the warm July sun. We found plenty of the former so our freezer is already filled with lots of yellow goodness for the colder seasons. If we continue picking mushrooms at this pace well into the autumn there won't be any space left in the freezer.

The wild strawberries, on the other hand, didn't last very long, nor did the cherries I found in a garden on Sunday when we walked in the footsteps of the famous Swedish author Vilhelm Moberg by visiting the area that inspired him to write his Emigrants series. First, we went to Duvemåla where his maternal grandmother was born and visited the house on the other side of the street where his grandmother used to live (her home was torn down in the 20s). This other house has nothing to do with Moberg, other than the location. It used to be home to four siblings called Herta, Martin, Mauritz and Naemi. They came from a well-off family and were raised to believe that they were above everyone else in the neighbourhood. Because of this, neither one of the siblings ever married nor had any children and the four of them ended up living their whole lives in the very house where they were born until they passed away one after the other in the 1980s. The house didn't have running water nor electricity and they were so frugal that they closed off the house and lived in just one room in order to save money on heating. At least one of the siblings died of malnutrition. When the last one passed away in 1989 it was discovered that they had hidden the equivalent of $150.000 in cash in the nooks and crannies of the house. On top of that, the woodland belonging to the house was worth $600.000. Today the house belongs to the municipality and has been turned into a museum.

From Duvemåla we moved on to Moshultamåla where Vilhelm Moberg was born. His home is no more but the school he used to go to has been moved there instead. Finally, we went to Klasatorpet, which is where part of the film adaptation of The Emigrants was recorded. It is such a quaint and peaceful place and probably my favourite of the three.

Around here: The perks of living next door to a cinema...

In two minutes, I can make this happen:

Enough said :)

Oh, and we rewatched Despicable Me 1. We're very into those Minions lately (did you hear that there's going to be a Minions spin-off??). Listen to their renditions of I Swear and YMCA on the soundtrack if you haven't already. Priceless.

Outings: Lund's Botanical Gardens.

... which is where we went when we came to Lund on Saturday evening. I couldn't get enough of the magical light that filled the gardens as the sun slowly disappeared behind the surrounding buildings.

Would you believe that I lived just a few blocks away from these gardens for five years but hardly ever visited them? If only I had discovered the joy of photography sooner, it has truly opened my eyes to the beauty that surrounds us ♥

Outings: A day in Malmö.

We had about a hundred different ideas on how to spend this weekend. After all the province of Skåne is filled with beautiful places, both ones I've been to before and dream of revisiting and places I have yet to see for myself. In the end we decided to keep things low-key though and just catch the bus down to the city of Malmö, rather than drive to one of the more remote destinations we'd been considering.

We spent most of the afternoon in Malmö's Västra hamnen neighbourhood. Of course I'd seen the famous Turning torso building from afar many times, but I'd never actually been to this area of the city before. I expected it to be all concrete and too modern for my taste but I was pleasantly surprised by how nice it was, especially the waterfront area.

By the time we got back to the city centre it was already nearing six o'clock. Before we took the train back to Lund we made a quick stop at this ice cream place that had the most delicious homemade Italian icecream. I had chocolate and coconut sorbet and it was soo good. I didn't even know you could make chocolate sorbet, and it was actually even more chocolatey than regular ice cream?

All in all it was definitely a day well spent. Sometimes I can't believe how I could live so close to Malmö for so many years without going there more often. Now that I live in such a small town I appreciate all the things that big cities have to offer that much more. There's just so much to choose from and so many places to get lost in. I don't think I'd like to live in a big city again, but I certainly don't mind visiting them every so often.

Outings: Strawberry fields forever.

On our way to Per's parents for dinner last night we stopped by a farm just outside of town and I got to do something I've wanted to for years: pick my own strawberries! We didn't stay for very long at all but still managed to collect two pounds of some of the most delicious strawberries I've ever tasted :)

Now I am on a train headed towards my hometown where I will join mum, Jenny and Fanny and drive south to spend the weekend with Cissi in Lund. I don't know yet what we'll get up to but it's supposed to be warm and sunny all weekend so that's a good starting point.