Outings: Kurrebo.

An hour and a half's drive from where I live there's a place I've wanted to visit for years. Finally, a few weekends ago, I was able to go. The timing was great since Kurrebo is said to be at its most beautiful in September when thousands of dahlias are in bloom in the surrounding gardens. While I don't know what it's like during the rest of the year, I can't imagine that anything can top this. I'd never seen so many dahlias in one place before; in fact I had no idea they came in so many shapes and colours. It was truly breathtaking. The cozy little cafe in the gardens and the serenity of the place made it even better. I'm so glad I made it there at last.

Around here: 30th + 20th birthday party.

Here are some glimpses from yesterday's birthday party. Since my sister Fanny turns 20 on the 29th and I turned 30 last month we decided to organize a joint birthday party for our family and closest relatives. It turned out to be the perfect deal for me especially since Fanny is such a talent in the kitchen. I contributed with the decorations*, but the rest was all her work. All in all it was such a nice & memorable day, and I think we might just throw a joint party every decade from here on out since this one was such a success ;)

*Cake bunting from Yellow Bliss Road.

Project Life: How I scrapbooked 20 years in five months.

In the scrapbooking world having your entire life scrapbooked seems to be somewhat of a holy grail, something many aspire to but few people ever get close to reaching. This year, I've got very close to reaching that goal and today I thought I'd share how I did it in five steps.