Trips in 2015: Scandinavia Part 3/4.

Trips in 2015: Scandinavia Part 2/4.

Outings: Kurrebo.

Around here: 30th + 20th birthday party.

Project Life: How I scrapbooked 20 years in five months.

In the scrapbooking world having your entire life scrapbooked seems to be somewhat of a holy grail, something many aspire to but few people ever get close to reaching. This year, I've got very close to reaching that goal and today I thought I'd share how I did it in five steps.

Around here: A Sunday in August.

Life lately: August 2015.

Watching | Most notably, Far from the Madding Crowd and Testament of Youth, both of which contain beautiful scenery and love stories. Watching them really made me want to go travelling on the English countryside. Also, this, which I claim is the best Swedish documentary series in a long time.

Listening to | Panflute music. I feel strangely drawn to the often melancholy sound.

Consuming | All the delicious chocolate I got for my birthday.

Reading | Augustiresan by Anna Fredriksson which I mostly read because it takes place in August in an area of the country that I love... I can't say I loved the book, nor did I expect to, but the way it was written managed to draw me in anyway.

Visiting | The parents several times, my friend E & various other places I went to during my summer vacation.

Enjoying | The perfect summer weather we had, being on vacation, fun busy days at work, excellent photo lighting, celebrating my birthday...

Making | Less progress with my photo projects than I would have liked, but I hope to make up for that in the autumn. When the weather is nice I obviously prefer to be out doing things and taking photos rather than staying inside, editing them.

Looking forward to | Going to Croatia in three weeks!

Trips in 2015: Scandinavia Part 1/4.