Life lately: April 2015.

Watching | April has felt like a busy month so it surprises me when I look back that I had time to watch as many TV shows and films as I did. As far as films go I watched Wild, The Imitation Game and The Rewrite. All three are definitely watchable but The Imitation Game was my favourite and taught me a lot about an aspect of WW2 that I wasn't very familiar with beforehand. On the TV show front Mad Men returned for its final season and Swedish TV started airing In the Club, the second season of the Swedish show Welcome to Sweden as well as the new show Ack Värmland. On top of that we've been catching up with Call the Midwife.

Listening to | A lot of Björn Afzelius after watching a documentary about his life.

Consuming | Nothing really stands out, other than the fact that I now eat (a moderate amount of) sweets again.

Reading | Well, according to Goodreads I am curently reading Britt-Marie var här and Yes Please. Let's leave it at that and hope I can post a different answer at the end of May ;)

Visiting | The parents for Easter. S & O for a fun evening of beer tasting (cider for me though since I don't drink beer).

Enjoying | Project Life, it has sucked me right back in again after a break in March (during which I finished scanning all my mum's photos from the 90s and early 2000s, so indirectly I was working on Project Life then as well). All the beautiful sunny and warm (for the season) days we've had. Photographing spring. Decorating my balcony. Friday's epic party at work.

Making | Spreads for my 1995-1999 Project Life album.

Looking forward to | Finishing the aforementioned album. Summer. In the shorter term, celebrating Walpurgis Night tonight and the upcoming long weekend.

Around here: Glimpses from my balcony.

Trips in 2015: Berlin.

Around here: Spring on my street.

Outings: A spring day in Nunnedalen.

Around here: A final goodbye.

Around here: Goodbye, Babcia.

Life lately: March 2015.

Watching | A bunch of films - Love, Rosie was my favourite, it's so cute.

Listening to | This month I rediscovered The Wreckers and have been listening to them quite a bit.

Consuming | Things that aren't sweets. But tomorrow Lent ends and I start eating sweets again, yay! I mean, I usually don't eat that much anyway, but it'll be nice to be able to have some chocolate again :P

Reading | Almost done with The Opposite of Loneliness by Marina Keegan. It's different from what I usually read, but very relatable. And heartbreaking that her life ended when it had only just begun, of course.

Visiting | The parents and also Berlin last weekend. Of course I came home with a memory card filled with photos that I will be sharing here soon :)

Enjoying | Berlin above all. And finishing my first Project Life album.

Making | I haven't made as much progress with my second Project Life album as I would have liked, but it's been a busy month so I have had less time to spend on creative endeavours than usual.

Looking forward to | Warmer days. The days may be long and bright but after the one warm week we had it turned cold again so those bulky winter clothes aren't going anywhere just yet.