Trips in 2016: Parga part 1/2.

Project Life: June 2016.

June was a wonderful summer month, filled with lots of beautiful summer memories to document. I ended up with thirteen whole spreads for my album. This is one of the main reasons why I don't do physical Project Life - I would feel so restricted sticking to a certain number of spreads per month, and if I didn't, a month like this one alone would fill up almost a third of a 12x12 album!

Life lately: June 2016.

Watching | Most notably the films Race and Cider With Rosie.

Listening to | Spotify's brilliant Sommarhits Retro playlist - lots of good old summer hits that I thought I grew sick of years ago or never even liked at the time, but find myself enjoying now because they bring back memories of summers past.

Consuming | Ample amounts of fresh strawberries + peaches and lots of ice cream.

Reading | Finished Cider With Rosie (watching the film actually motivated me to finally finish it because I wanted to know more about the story) and started Girl At War.

Visiting | Our parents + my grandfather for Midsummer.

Enjoying | All things SUMMER. The food, the sunshine, the freedom.

Making | Project Life pages. Also, I've been working on another exciting crafty project. For the first time in many years I bought paintbrushes + paint and the kitchen might have been turned into a temporary craft studio. More on this later.

Looking forward to | My summer vacation and all that it will entail, especially going back to Parga in Greece for a week, and actually making it to Meteora this time around :)