Photobook pages: January & February 2013.

I thought I'd share the first spreads I've completed for my 2013 photobook. This will be the first page; it's the first time I did a title page of sorts, for my 2010 and 2012 books I simply included the first photos I took that year and in 2011 I left it blank because I didn't want to do a half spread. I got the text template from the awesome Caylee Grey, but I combined her goodbye 2013 and hello 2014 templates since I am a year behind with my scrapbooking. Incidentally, this was the very first photo I took in 2013 (on the 3rd of January). I was on my way to the hairdresser, saw the beautiful sunset through the gazebo by the train station and just had to take a photo.

On January 5th we went for a walk on the island of Svinö north of Kalmar. There wasn't any snow and the strait hadn't frozen over yet, that would come later in the month.

More glimpses from the month of January. By the end of the month winter had arrived with full force, and what a beautiful winter it was. As I have mentioned a couple of times January this year hasn't been very photogenic yet, but historically I have never taken many photos at this time of year; last year was the exception. I know there will be beautiful winters again even if this one never amounts to much.

On the 2nd of February we went to the More Kastell canyon. I will always remember the day fondly. As we walked around in that beautiful sunshine we thought spring was just around the corner. Little did we know then that it'd be another two months before spring would arrive for real. (Template on the right from Simply Yin.)

On our way home from More Kastell we stopped by Aboda klint to see the sunset. It was our second visit that year, we went once in January too but it was cloudy then and I wanted another chance to see the sunset.

I still have a couple of spreads left of February, but I am taking my time. Last year I didn't start my book until May and I still finished it in November, so this year I've already gotten off to a head start compared to last year.

Around here: Lately...

Last week was mostly cloudy and grey as per usual but so far this week the sky has been more blue than cloudy and I've actually seen the sun a couple of times! We never got any snow that stuck around in the end and now that the days are getting longer I sometimes catch myself feeling like we're on the verge of spring, even though I obviously know better. It's just so refreshing to see some colours when I look out my window at work, and to leave work before it's completely dark. Now if we could only get a weekend with nice weather I would be a very happy camper (still haven't used my DSLR this year, what).

Our Christmas decorations are long gone of course but I still haven't been able to figure out what to do with the gingerbread house. I don't particularly feel like eating it after it's been out for so long, but I can't bring myself to simply throw it out either. I guess I'll just procrastinate doing something about it for a while longer, it's still January after all.

Remember how I was feeling overwhelmed by how much stuff I have after Christmas, like I usually do? This time around I actually acted on those feelings and filled two bags with books I know I'll never reread, some DVDs (on that note if anyone wants The OC or Grey's Anatomy seasons 1 & 2 for free I'll send them to you if you pay for the postage) and kitchenware and dropped them off at a local second-hand shop. The old lady volunteer who receieved the bags was so grateful and kind; it made me feel like I actually did a good deed even though it was mostly out of selfish reasons. Now that I know how easy it is to drop things off there I am sure I will do it again soon. Living in a small apartment is a curse but also a blessing because it forces you to continually go through your things and reflect on whether you really need them all or not.

Now that I've tackled my little home improvement projects I am focusing on getting a head start on my New Years resolutions, mainly the ones to read more and to finish my 2013 photobook. I already completed a few spreads for the latter which I will be posting here soon, and I've bought six new books so far this year that I am looking forward to reading. Oh, and five of those books where used, so I bascially only paid for postage, and I will donate them once I've read them if I don't plan to reread them - see how I am trying not to accumulate more things :P I started reading The Light Between Oceans last week and I've really enjoyed it so far, but then my mum recommended this Swedish book to me when I was home this weekend and I fell so in love with it that I just had to move it to the top of my list straight away. It's such a sweet and endearing read. At last I feel excited about reading again :)

Around here: Inbetween the shades of grey...

The weather continues to suck but on the brightside, this was yesterday's sunset:

At this point I've seen quite a few sunsets from my office window, but these colours were new to me. Incidentally, this was the first photo I posted on Instagram this year. Not the first one I've taken with my phone in 2014 (I have yet to dust off the New Years confetti off the DSLR camera, on the other hand), but I realized yesterday I'd forgot to upload the previous ones on Instagram. Oops. In other news, we might get some snow this weekend and I can't wait. Please keep your fingers crossed.

Just as I expected this week has been a drag (probably even more so than I expected, actually), but tomorrow is finally Friday and I couldn't be more grateful for that fact ♥

Around here: January so far.

The whole world is so grey, so grey. I took the above photos when we went for a walk on New Years Day and I'm afraid the weather hasn't changed at all since then. I find myself looking longingly at photos from January of last year and the beautiful winter we had then. Many people say that if the snow's stayed away this long it might as well not come at all, but I wish it would. I can't bare another two months of overcast skies, dampness and rain.

I am so grateful that today is a public holiday and dread the four days of work ahead. It's so slow right now, which isn't unusual for this time of year, but it's been made worse this year because I was forced to work around the holidays and thus already completed tasks that I'd normally do in January.

Even though there isn't much to do outside I manage to stay busy during my days off at least. On Saturday we went out for lunch with my family and Fanny's boyfriend here in Kalmar at a restaurant I've been wanting to try for a while. Then in the afternoon we went to the cinema with Per's parents. Yesterday we tackled some home improvement projects such as replacing the plants I threw out in panic on Saturday morning after I discovered that they were infested with some disgusting bugs, ugh. We also put away the Christmas tree and I've rearranged some things around the apartment. The living room feels so spacious now.

Today I am doing ~riveting things such as backing up my photos on DVDs for the first time since 2011. I've also started looking into going to London for a long weekend in February because I really need something to look forward to in order to make these grey slow days go by a bit faster. I hope to do quite a bit of travelling this year. Do you guys have any trips planned for 2014?

Around here: New Years Eve.

Lots of fireworks, good company, a delicious three-course meal, confetti, streamers, party hats and horns, what more do you need to ring in a new year?

(Actually a tripod, to take some photos of fireworks that aren't super blurry. Of course I know this, and yet I still left it at home. Note to self until next time.)