Life lately: June 2014.

Watching | We watched a lot of films this month... My favourite was the hilarious The To Do List. Walk of Shame was surprisingly funny and Diana was better than I expected. We watched The Fault in Our Stars at the cinema yesterday and I guess I feel the same way about it as I did about the book, it was alright but not the best film I've ever seen or anything.

Listening to | My summer playlist.

Consuming | Strawberries & cream as often as I possibly can ♥

Reading | I feel guilty now, all I accomplished on the reading front was finishing the book I listed in this category last month. But I am up to date with my yearly book goal anyway (it's not super ambitious).

Visiting | We went to lots of different places this month! To my hometown for Fanny's prom & graduation, to Skåne for Midsummer, to Öland more times than I can say and on several other outings as well.

Enjoying | Summer, my absolute favourite time of year. The beautiful weather we had for most of the month. Strawberries and peaches and little barbecues on our balcony. Visiting family and generally being out and about.

Making | My 2010 photobook. It arrived a week ago and I am thrilled with the way it turned out. Now if I could only start working on the 2013 rendition again haha.

Looking forward to | Linda's wedding on the 12th.

Outings: Öhr.

June is ending so I'm bringing you some photos from another outing we went on several weeks ago, to the little town of Öhr and the garden centre there, which is actually more like a park or secret garden. And the cafe serves the best cheesecake I've had in a long time :) If I ever have a garden of my own I'll definitely be going back there to stock up on lovely flowers and berry shrubs and fruit trees.

The last weekend of June was not as nice weather-wise, with hardly any sunshine and quite a bit of rain. On Saturday we drove down to Ronneby and attended Nostalgia, the annual classic car exhibition. We weren't sure about going at first because of the weather but it didn't rain at all during the hours we were there. I enjoyed it more than last year, maybe because I've learned a little bit more about cars since then... Either way I will never turn down an opportunity to eat hot dogs, icecream, popcorn and sweets all in one day :P And I wore my wellies rather than my usual impractical footwear so all that mud and the puddles didn't bother me in the slightest. In the evening we cooked fish tacos and watched Mamma Mia! for the first time in forever. It's such a happy summery film. All in all, not a bad day if you ask me :)

Outings: Öland.

Since the arrival of summer we've really taken advantage of living so close to the island of Öland and driven across the bridge there on more than one occasion... Now that I go there so often it's strange to think that I'd only been to the island a handful of times before I moved to the east coast.

On the 6th of June, i.e. Sweden's national holiday, we stopped by the Bårby Kite Festival. It was a rather windy yet sunny day so it was perfect for the occasion. We didn't bring a kite of our own but we had a lot of fun watching others try to keep theirs afloat :) There were several incidents where the lines got tangled up and one little boy lost hold of his kite (well, his grandma did) and despite running as fast as they could they didn't stand a chance to catch up with it as it disappeared towards the horizon.

The island is always beautiful but especially now in the midst of summer. On our way home from the Kite festival we stopped by a field of cornflowers - the first one I'd ever seen. The poppy fields are more common, but equally beautiful. As I was photographing some of them I realized I was standing in the middle of a strawberry field, can't believe I didn't realize it straight away given how lovely it smelled there :)

Of course no visit to the island is complete without a stop at the icecream place in the harbour of Färjestaden, they serve the best soft icecream I've ever had. There are so many flavours and toppings to choose from but nine times out of ten I go for my favourite combo - pear icecream with chocolate sauce and chocolate chunks on top. Yum :)

Trips in 2014: Midsummer in Båstad (and environs).

We ended up going on a little roadtrip down to the province of Skåne for Midsummer this year. We left early on Friday morning and made it to our first stop, Mölle, around noon. It's the most beautiful little seaside town that I went to a bunch of times in 2011 when I lived in the nearby Helsingborg. It's one of my favourite places and I hadn't been back in almost three years so I was really happy that we managed to fit in a stop there.

When I used to go there I'd always hike from Mölle to the tip of the Kullaberg peninsula, but we didn't really have time for that this time around so we drove out instead and enjoyed a picnic by the lighthouse. The weather was so much better than forecasted the whole day, warm and sunny :)

Then we left the Kullaberg peninsula and headed north to the Bjäre peninsula and our final destination which was Båstad. We stayed at the same hotel I went to with work in early April. The first photo on the left below was the view from our room. This time around the water was warm enough to go swimming in the cold bath house. Or well, 16 degrees isn't exactly what I'd call warm, but it was endurable, and now I can say that I went swimming on Midsummer Eve ;)

In the evening we enjoyed a delicious three-course meal at the hotel restaurant.

After dinner we went out to explore our surroundings a bit. I just love towns that are filled with roses in the summer.

I stayed out until the sun sunk below the horizon at exactly 21:59. I didn't get up to see the sunrise this time around, getting up at four would have been a bit too early. (I can't believe the days are getting shorter again as of today.)

Yesterday started with a yummy hotel breakfast and then we hung out at the hotel spa for a couple of hours. It was not as warm as on Friday but the weather was still quite alright so we decided to visit the Norrviken Gardens outside of Båstad...

Once we'd walked around the gardens we headed over to the Hovs hallar nature reserve and the little town of Torekov. By then it was really cold and windy and soon after we got in the car to drive the long way home it started to rain and it didn't stop until we got home over four hours later.

Today we've just taken it easy and got ready for the week ahead, our first time working a regular five-day week in five weeks. I still have four whole weeks of work to go before my summer vacation, but I am sure it will be here before I know it. I haven't made any plans yet, so I shall make that my next project.

Photobooks: My 2010 photobook 2.0.

Earlier this month I decided to take a break from creating pages for my 2013 photobook (I've finished the first five months of the year so far) and tackle another project on my to do list, namely remaking my 2010 photobook. Even though I spent a lot of time working on the original version and it certainly wasn't cheap, I wasn't at all happy with it anymore. It was the first book I made and it's definitely been a learning process... I knew next to nothing about photo editing back then and many of the photos from that year were taken with my old camera and phone which made the quality pretty bad. Also, the spine was white and my other 3 photobooks have grey covers.

As you might recall I had my 2009 book (which I actually created after the 2010 one) reprinted last year in Blurb's 7x7 small square format. I found it too small and intended to have the new version of the 2010 book printed in my usual 12x12 format, but since my 2010 photos were of such low resolution I went for the 7x7 format for the new 2010 book after all. This time I made each spread with a photo that fills the entire left page, and I hope that will make it feel less small. I wish Blurb offered 8x8 books like most other vendors, but as it is I prefer to stick to Blurb so my books look alike rather than try another vendor.

You can preview the book here. I used the Curated template series from Paislee Press. This was my first time using the same series of templates for an entire book, and it made the process so much quicker. It only took me about a week to finish the entire book and it's 92 pages so about 30 pages longer than the original. The fact that I'd already made the selection of photos once also helped - I often find that simply selecting which photos to include takes the longest time. It was quite fascinating to look through the 2010 photos again and see how far I've come when it comes to photography as well. I literally knew nothing back then!

I like the cohesive look of the Curated templates and now when I look at the 2013 pages I've created so far I feel like my regular templates and myriad of backgrounds seem rather messy... However, that is the style I've grown to love so I am sure I will be fine with it once I start working on the 2013 book again. Working in the 12x12 format leaves more room to be flexible too. In any case, since I've finished about a third of the 2013 book there's no way I'll be starting over now!

Around here: An evening in June.

I found myself home alone on this lovely Saturday evening so I went down to the park to visit my sheep friends. As you can see my obsession with backlight and vertical photos continues...

I have many more photos to share from the month of June so far (especially from Fanny's graduation on Thursday), but I am too busy taking new ones to have time to edit and upload the old ones. The world is just so beautiful right now ♥

Around here: Fanny's high school prom.

On Saturday we went over to my hometown to see Fanny and her boyfriend head off to her high school prom. We turned it into a big event with her boyfriend's family being there to see them off as well. Of course such a special occasion has to be celebrated accordingly. Here are some photos I took of the beautiful couple :)

Life lately: May 2014.

Watching | The final episodes of Mad Men - can't believe I'll have to wait a whole year to see the rest, I feel like it only just started. Also we started watching season 3 of Call the Midwife and I really love it so far. As for films we watched Saving Mr Banks, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and
Philomena this month, all of which I enjoyed.

Listening to | Lots of random songs that don't go together on Spotify.

Consuming | Icecream every day when it's sunny. This really has to stop or I will end up regretting it haha. I am hoping that the novelty will wear off soon.

Reading | This Swedish book.

Visiting | My parents and Per's parents last weekend and his cousin a few weeks ago.

Enjoying | Summer, flowers everywhere, the scent of lilac, being able to go outside in just a sundress, the aforementioned icecream...

Making | Actually not a whole lot this month, but I did take plenty of photos as usual.

Looking forward to | Fanny's prom on Saturday and then her high school graduation next week. I can't believe it's almost here... When I graduated 10 years ago it felt like forever until 8-year-old Fanny would be graduating, and yet here we are.