Photobook pages: December 2012 + the cover.

The front and back cover. The 12 template is from Chelle's Creations but I got the idea to split up photos rather than putting one in each square (which would have taken forever) from Mes Scraps, Mes Voyages. The template for the back cover is from Simply Yin (actually many of the templates I use for my books are from her site).

Glimpses from the month of December. I can't believe how wintery it was - halfway through the month the stream that runs through central Kalmar had frozen over. I doubt it will happen this year, although it is getting colder so who knows.

Church in the morning on Christmas Eve.

More photos from the big day. Last year we celebrated Christmas at my aunt's place, which means we'll be celebrating it at my parents' house this year.

I didn't take that many photos during the days between Christmas and New Years. This is a spread from Boxing Day when we ate (a small portion of) the giant lolly Per bought me in Gränna that summer.

I didn't take any photos on New Years myself (fail) but I got some from the friend that we celebrated it with. They are terrible quality (think non-DSLR/flash/blurry) but without a spread for New Years the book felt incomplete so I decided to include them anyway (as a compromise I made them tiny). The photo on the left is actually not even from New Years Eve 2012 (but the year before) but I added it in order to complete the spread. I searched for a stock photo of fireworks online but couldn't find a fitting one. Note to self: No matter how we celebrate New Years this year: bring the camera, and use it!

Photobook pages: October-November 2012.

Here's the second to last instalment of my 2012 photobook pages.

Glimpses from September & October, mostly from Instagram. I didn't give September it's own spread because I had surprisingly few photos from that month, and a great many from October. The "Hello fall" text is a recent download from paislee press.

Another spread with a mix of photos, most of which were taken in Kalmar.

An evening in Karlskrona at the end of the month. We were catching the ferry that evening and left a little early to get to revisit the favourite places we found when we went there in the summer. The Brändaholm allotment area might have been just a little bit lovelier in the fall than in the summer.

The next day in Gdynia, Poland, on the other side of the Baltic Sea. It was such a beautiful autumn day.

Obligatory fountain photos. The other day it occured to me that it would be pretty neat if I made a compilation of the photos my family has taken by this fountain over the years. Unfortunately not all of them are digital, but it's definitely a project I'm adding to my mental to-do-list. Sidenote: the fountain has since been renovated and now looks entirely different.

Stunning autumn colours. This spread makes me happy.

Visiting grandma...

Catching the sunset from the pier in the Orlowo district of Gdynia. I love it there.

Finally, glimpses from the month of November. This is the only spread I made from the entire month. However, that isn't so bad compared to this year. At this rate I'll be lucky if I manage to fill one November spread in my 2013 photobook. What can I say, November is just not a very photogenic month...

Photobook pages: August 2012.

For the sake of continuity, here's the next instalment of my 2012 photobook pages.

First some everyday glimpses from the month, the move, my birthday preparations, the first signs of autumn.

The third and final trip of my summer vacation, down to the province of Blekinge. The places we stopped by on the way to our first destination.

The city of Karlskrona where we spent the first night...

... before we moved on to Karlshamn.

Finally, on the third day we went to the third largest town of the Blekinge, Ronneby and also fit in a visit to the island Karön.

Then it was time to go back to work again but the summer didn't quite end there. The first weekend after we went back to work we went on a roadtrip to northern Öland with its beautiful forest and cute little train line that I'd wanted to go on forever.

Photobook pages: Spain 2012.

I am so close to finishing my 2012 photo book now! Only 15 % to go. Two trips, Stockholm in September and Poland in October/November. And the cover which will take forever, but I am ignoring that for now. It is not included in the 15 %. In any case, today I will share the spreads I made of my trip to Spain with Fanny in late July/early August of 2012. I thought that trip would be the hardest part to get through because we took so many photos, but I actually finished it quite quickly.

The first spread with a photo from Tossa de Mar on the left and Instagram photos from our long journey to Spain and back on the right. As you might recall we travelled by bus. That's about 32 hours each way!

We stayed in Calella but we went on a day trip to Barcelona the day after we arrived. It was a quite busy day during which we visited most of the city's main sights.

I put together our photos from Calella on three spreads. The first consists of various photos we took while out and about town.

The best times of the trip; hanging out by the hotel pool and eating unholy amounts of frozen yoghurt downtown.

Photo's from Calella's park where we spent a couple of afternoons in the shade.

Our second outing to Barcelona, this time in the evening to watch the Magic Fountains and see the view of the city at night from the Montjuïc hill.

Finally, the day before it was time to go home again, and our day trip to the beautiful Tossa de Mar.