Photobooks: My finished 2012 photobook.

Photobook pages: December 2012 + the cover.

Photobook pages: October-November 2012.

Here's the second to last instalment of my 2012 photobook pages.

Photobook pages: August 2012.

For the sake of continuity, here's the next instalment of my 2012 photobook pages.

Photobook pages: Spain 2012.

I am so close to finishing my 2012 photo book now! Only 15 % to go. Two trips, Stockholm in September and Poland in October/November. And the cover which will take forever, but I am ignoring that for now. It is not included in the 15 %. In any case, today I will share the spreads I made of my trip to Spain with Fanny in late July/early August of 2012. I thought that trip would be the hardest part to get through because we took so many photos, but I actually finished it quite quickly.

Photobook pages: June-July 2012.

In the past few weeks I've been working away on my 2012 photobook (hence my somewhat decreased level of activity on Lj). I'm feeling quite inspired and still have hope that I'll complete it this year. I've only finished 45 % of it so far, but if I keep working at the same pace that I have lately it shouldn't be impossible. Here are the June and July spreads. There'll be a few more pages with photos from late July but they will make a chaper of their own. Those of you who were around back then might have a clue what it'll be about.

Photobook pages: May 2012.

Remember how thrilled I was that I'd finally made some progress on my 2012 photobook way back in April? Well, I made a couple more spreads after that but then the summer came and I didn't work on it at all for months (just like I'd expected - summer is not the time to stay indoors in front of the computer after all). Now that autumn is here I've taken it up again and this week I finally completed the month of May 2012. What a busy month it must have been - I devoted 9 whole spreads to it alone as opposed to the 4 I did for February-April. Based on the amount of photos I've got saved from 2012 I'm only about 27 % done, but I haven't given up on completing the book this year yet. It was one of my new years resolutions after all. Anyway, enough writing. Here are the spreads:

Photobook pages: February-April 2012.

This month I finally started working on my 2012 photobook! The reason why I've put it off for so long is that it felt like such a big undertaking and I wasn't sure I'd ever find the time to finish it. However, it's progressing quite well so far. I have been re-using many of the templates that I used last year which has helped speed up the process.

Here are some of the pages I've finished so far from February-April: