Project Life: September 2016.

Today I'm sharing my spreads for the month of September. I actually finished most of these several weeks ago, but I felt like the colours and styles were all over the place and wanted to change things around to make the spreads a bit more cohesive. I am not super strict about all of the spreads matching or anything, but I like each month's spreads to have some sort of connecting thought behind them, even though it doesn't always work out. Finally in the last few days I swapped out some cards and recoloured others and arrived at a result that feels good enough. It's not perfect, but as we all know, done is better than perfect when it comes to memory keeping :)

Life lately: September 2016.

Watching | I watched some of my favourite films out of the ones I've watched so far this year in September. Me Before You was surprisingly sweet and not at all as cheesy as I had expected. Sully was such a gripping story, especially considering that it is based on a true story. Finally, Bridget Jones's Baby managed to greatly surpass my expectations, which admittedly were low considering the disaster that was the second film. I went to see it even though I was sceptical because I love the original film so much, and I loved that this one had the same feel and charm as the first film. I will forever ignore the existence of the second film and view Bridget Jones's Baby as the only sequel.

Listening to | Still mostly Melissa Horn + Miriam Bryant.

Consuming | Satsumas which are finally in season!

Reading | Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson, which believe it or not, I had never read before. I don't understand how I managed to miss it all these years, especially in my teens when I would have been all over a novel like this. These days I don't usually read young adult novels but made an exception after hearing great things about it, and I am glad I did because it is very captivating + has a very powerful message.

Visiting | My parents, P's mother and my sister.

Enjoying | Indian summer that lasted almost the entire month! It was truly a dream. Spending time outdoors in the sun, going mushroom picking, working on my Project Life spreads, joining the Amber LaBau Creative Team + embarking on a special journey.

Making | Updates to my family tree + the aforementioned Project Life spreads.

Looking forward to | More autumn colours + some answers that October will bring, for better or worse.

Project Life: My finished 2014 photobook.

My dollhouse: The ground floor.

Today it's time for the last part of the tour of my dollhouse, until I have some new updates to share at least. When I move to a home with more space I will add a garden for the house - I got one along with garden furniture + accessories along with this house but I had to put it in storage for now... The extension floor was also included when I bought this house (such a good deal!) and I knew from the start that I would place the kitchen in the large room downstairs. In my old house the kitchen is in the room that is the master bedroom of this house and I've always found it much too small. I think the kitchen has the most fun accessories and I don't want it to feel crowded :)