Around here: Somewhere over the rainbow skies are blue.

After a grey and gloomy November when it's been hard to tell the days from nights things are finally starting to look up and the world slowly seems to be regaining its colour. This afternoon I looked up from my desk to the above view. If that's not a good sign, I don't know what is.

Photobooks: 2013 album cover.

Last night I finished and ordered my 2013 photobook! I completed it several weeks faster than its 2012 counterpart even though it's about 70 pages longer. Making photobook pages has become a much quicker process than it used to be for me because I no longer spend as much time on each page and especially don't overthink the page design as much as before.

I shared the pages I made for January, February and March on here but then I fell behind and decided that it would be too overwhelming to share them all. However, if you're curious you can preview the entire book here. Here's a close-up of the cover:

*Front cover template from Chelle's Creations. I used a template I downloaded years ago for the back cover. The blog I got it from sadly no longer exists.

Life lately: October 2014.

Watching | I went to the cinema twice and watched the Swedish films Min så kallade pappa and Hallonbåtsflyktingen. I really liked them both. Swedish cinema really has stepped it up in recent years. My favourite films that we watched at home were This is Where I Leave You and Bad Neighbours.

Listening to | I've got tired of my old playlists so I've started listening to some top lists on Spotify and discovered some new music. But soon it'll be socially acceptable to listen to Christmas music again and I can't wait :)

Consuming | Way too much chocolate for my own good, especially in Warsaw and after I came home with a box of Wedel pralines for Per (that he generously shared with me, of course).

Reading | I didn't get any reading done in October! I don't have any books on my nightstand that I like very much right now, so I just end up playing games on my phone before bed instead. I need to finish one more book this year to reach my goal of reading 10 books though, so it's about time I got started.

Visiting | Cissi in Warsaw.

Enjoying | Going to Warsaw of course, and the warm autumn we've had.

Making | Photobook pages! I am proud to say that I'm getting close to finishing my 2013 book. I never thought I'd finish it this year because it's so much longer than the ones for 2011 & 2012 which I finished in November the following year, but unless anything unexpected happens I should be able to complete it very soon.

Looking forward to | I have some weekend trips lined up, but honestly, what I look forward to the most is the day I can get my hands on an iPhone 6 (the silver 64GB edition). I've wanted one ever since it came out but I wasn't quick enough and now it's been sold out everywhere for weeks. I keep checking the shops online on a daily basis but no luck so far. It might be back in stock at the end of next week though, so fingers crossed :)

Trips in 2014: Warsaw, part 2/2.

On Saturday morning we caught the tram to the area where Cissi lives, because of course we couldn't visit Warsaw without stopping by her apartment. It was another really cold day, probably the coldest day of the entire trip. This was the view from Cissi's apartment building, the city centre wasn't far away at all:

Better yet, Cissi lives close to the Arkadia shopping centre which is said to be the largest in Poland. We had a tight schedule for the day but Cissi had allowed an hour for Fanny, mum and I to explore the mall, so that's just what we did. Inevitably I ended up at my favourite store Oysho which has the cutest PJs I've ever seen. I found the sweetest sweatshirt there that I promise to show you sometime.

Our next stop was the restaurant Vege Miasto where we had lunch. I don't think I've ever eaten such colourful food before, and the raw snickers we had for dessert was incredible.

After lunch we walked to the Old Town area of Warsaw where we spent the rest of the afternoon. It was so cold and windy that we had to find places where we could heat up every once in a while. Fanny even wore two scarves, but nothing was warm enough.

The final landmark to cross off on our list for this trip was the Palace of Culture and Science, which we'd walked past dozens of times the previous days, but we had yet to head up to the top. I had hoped that we'd get to see the sunset from up there, but since the day was grey and overcast I didn't think it'd be anything remarkable and we hadn't really kept track of the time. However, as it turned out, the sun was just about to sink beneath the horizon the moment we got out of the elevator on the 30th floor, and I rushed out to capture a photo of it at the very last moment (the middle photo below).

I can't think of a more perfect ending to our final day in Warsaw :)