Life lately: October 2013.

I've decided to start filling this out at the end of every month as a neat little summary (let's see how long I will remember to keep it up). Feel free to steal it if you like :)

Watching | We started watching Blacklist this month and are really enjoying it so far. Other than that I make sure not to miss a bunch of Swedish shows on TV such as our rendition of Who Do You Think You Are, the brilliant comedy shows Halvvägs till himlen and Solsidan as well as the music show Så mycket bättre. The only shows I still download are HIMYM and Modern Family but I'm a bit behind with those.

Listening | A whole lot of different Spotify playlists depending on my mood. Above all I've been super obsessed with the soundtrack from the great Swedish film Monica Z ever since we watched it at the cinema in September.

Consuming | As many satsuma oranges as I can get hold of, they're my favourite.

Reading | Just started reading The Man Who Broke Into Auschwitz by Denis Avey.

Visiting | Our families and my mum's godparents for Sunday dinner last weekend.

Enjoying | The aforementioned satsumas, bringing out my camera on the rare clear and sunny day, wearing warm cozy clothes now that it's colder again, scrapbooking, spending time with my boy, the first mulled wine of the season, my new haircut, getting to wear the pretty clothes I bought last weekend for the first time.

Making | Lots and lots of pages for my 2012 photo book.

Looking forward to | The holidays, although they still feel so far away to me.

Photobook pages: June-July 2012.

In the past few weeks I've been working away on my 2012 photobook (hence my somewhat decreased level of activity on Lj). I'm feeling quite inspired and still have hope that I'll complete it this year. I've only finished 45 % of it so far, but if I keep working at the same pace that I have lately it shouldn't be impossible. Here are the June and July spreads. There'll be a few more pages with photos from late July but they will make a chaper of their own. Those of you who were around back then might have a clue what it'll be about.

My visit to the Sofiero Gardens outside of Helsingborg in early June.

When the whole family except Cissi went to Stockholm to celebrate my cousin Sanna's high school graduation. Such happy times with most of the family gathered.

Random glimpses from Midsummer Eve and other days in June. Many of these photos don't look very special but there is so much I could tell you about the context in which they were taken...

A walk through central Helsingborg, starting to say goodbye to my favourite places.

The Fredriksdal Gardens in Helsingborg, my first and only visit.

Instagram photos from the month of July in Kalmar and my hometown. Many memories are hidden in these photos as well.

The start of my summer vacation and the first trip I went on with Per, to the island Visingsö and the town of Gränna. Also, the first official photo of the two of us together ♥

Gränna, the town of candy. Getting that huge lollipop from Per will forever remain one of my favourite memories.

The Västanå waterfall outside of Gränna, and some photos from the city of Jönköping where we stopped on our way back south.

Around here: Deliberately vague.

Yesterday I woke up to an anxious and melancholy sort of week. There's no real reason, at least not anything serious. Sometimes it's like this, and I forget how to see the good. Then when I do see it again, I forget how I can ever not see it. And so it goes, up and down.

Today the city was covered in thick fog that didn't go away until the late afternoon. I kept catching glimpses of white in the corner of my eye at work and feeling like it could be snow. This was the view from my office:

Tonight I read this quote: Go as far as you can see. Once you get there you’ll see further. Which is true I guess, both when it comes to the fog as well as life in general. Going as far as I can see is something I can actually do. I just need to keep reminding myself that there's no need to worry about what I'll do when I get there because I can't possibly figure it out until I actually get there.

Around here: Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.

I found myself home alone with nothing to do on this lovely Saturday morning so I quickly slipped on some shoes, grabbed my camera and went outside to capture the beauty of autumn on our street. I didn't put on a coat nor bring a bag and if it hadn't been for all the people walking by on their way to the shops downtown it'd almost have felt like taking a stroll through my own backyard.

Around here: A Sunday in October.

Little did we know when we woke up to completely overcast skies yesterday morning that the day would turn into the most beautiful day of autumn so far this year, but that's exactly what it did. By the time we made it outside there wasn't a cloud in sight. Fanny and I headed out in search for the prettiest leaves we could find, and we didn't have to search for long. Per wisely went for a long walk rather than wait around for us, lol. Despite spending a good hour and a half outside we actually never made it further than a ten-minute-walk away from home, but we certainly didn't come home empty-handed...

It was actually much too warm for the coats we wore. If only every autumn day could be like this.

Around here: Fanny's 18th birthday.

So last Sunday we celebrated Fanny's birthday with just the immediate family - this Saturday the rest of our relatives got to join in the celebration back home, with great food and, of course, lots of cake.

Fanny made the yellow cake and won the purple one. Both were delicious, but I might have preferred hers just a little bit. Oh, and she got her license last week! We are all so very proud of the baby of our family, who is really not that little anymore :)