My dollhouse: The middle floor.

Tonight I thought I'd share the middle floor of my dollhouse, where the master bedroom, combined hallway/office and nursery are. On this floor I continued to deviate from the traditional Lundby layout - making the intended kitchen the master bedroom and the intended bathroom the nursery. (In the most recent layout of the Småland house the wall between the kitchen and former hallway has been removed, creating a larger kitchen.) For the wallpaper I used paper from the Project Life Southern Weddings paper packs (it's so convenient when my hobbies overlap like this!).

My dollhouse: The top floor.

I thought I'd share the rooms of my dollhouse floor by floor, starting with the top floor, where the bathroom and living room are. In my old house I kept the traditional Lundby layout with the bedroom + living room upstairs and the kitchen + hallway + bathroom downstairs (it doesn't have the extension floor). I've always found the intended Lundby bathroom a bit small and now that I got my hands on a house complete with the extension floor I decided to change things up a bit. Thus, I turned the intended master bedroom into a bathroom. It might be a bit strange to have such a big window in a bathroom, but I'm telling myself it's okay since it's on the top floor ;)

Amber LaBau Creative Team.

As you might have seen on Instagram, I was chosen to be a member of Amber LaBau's Creative Team for 2016-2017 earlier this month. I actually hadn't planned on joining another Creative Team until possibly next year, but when the opportunity arose I decided that it would be a fun challenge. I'm so excited to be part of this group of talented ladies :)

The first layout I completed was shared in this entry over on Amber's blog. I used her stunning Golden kit which is just perfect for autumn to document a little day trip my boyfriend and I went on. Since then I've put together another layout (about the same day) using the same kit.

My dollhouse: The beginning.

I've mentioned this project here once or twice these past few months and I think it's about time I share a bit more about it (+ some photos)! In late June I found a Lundby dollhouse in an ad on our equivalent to Craigslist. The seller was a tween girl who'd apparently spent all her birthday + Christmas money on it for years but had grown tired of it. Considering all the furniture that was included it was a very good deal, much too good to pass up, even though I had no idea where in our one bedroom apartment I would put it.

Project Life: August 2016.

August was filled with many different + random happenings. It took me some time to figure out how to fit everything that I wanted to document into my Project Life spreads, but now they're all done. As I've mentioned earlier this year I don't care that much about the number of spreads for any given month, I just fill up as many as I need. One thing I've noticed is that I fill up WAY more spreads now that I'm documenting my life as I go than before, when I would wait for months (or years). At this rate this year's album will be over 250 pages long and in the past they've been around 190 pages long. Goes to show how much easier it is to preserve memories when they're still fresh on your mind! Here are my nine spreads for August:

Around here: An evening in September.

Life lately: August 2016.

Watching | Per took me to see Captain Fantastic at the cinema for my birthday and it was the best film I've seen in months! It has such stunning scenery + a powerful message. Ever since I saw it I've been recommending it to everyone I meet. Other than that, we watched The Secret Life of Pets which was super cute.

Listening to | Melissa Horn has been on repeat pretty much ever since we saw her in concert in July, with some other tunes thrown in every once in a while.

Consuming | The one thing that sticks out is sushi, which I didn't use to like at all but now can't seem to get enough of.

Reading | As soon as my vacation ended I went back to my old habit of not reading very much at all, but I am hoping to change that in September. I did finish Purple Hibiscus, one of my favourite reads so far this year, and started Uncle Tom's Cabin, which, believe it or not, I've never read before.

Visiting | My parents + Per's mother.

Enjoying | Making the most of the final weeks of summer, getting back into my everyday routines + all the time I seemed to have for my hobbies.

Making | July's Project Life pages of course, including those about Greece, updates to my family tree after I got in touch with a distant relative from Texas, spreads for my (physical) 2005-2008 Project Life album (none of which have been printed yet though, but it will happen in the autumn for sure) and some updates to my dollhouse.

Looking forward to | Crisp autumn days, the leaves changing colour + starting an exciting new project.