Project Life: May 2019.

Yesterday I finally finished my August pages so now I am working on September. I decided to celebrate by taking some time out of my regularly scheduled memory keeping to share the next instalment of my 2019 pages here, namely those documenting the month of May :)

Project Life: April 2019.

I finished these pages a long time ago but with a baby in my life I have to focus on keeping up with Project Life rather than keeping up with sharing my Project Life pages here. But I have definitely not forgot this place, and my intention is to keep sharing my pages, however late. Thus, here are my April pages. I have since finished May and June and most of July and August sans journalling so those pages will make it here eventually :)

Project Life: March 2019.

March is in the books and getting up to date with this year's memory keeping feels within reach! I am also on top of my baby's first year book right now. For this reason I am actually considering starting a new memory keeping project, but we'll see if I dare to do something that bold while taking care of a soon-to-be eight-month-old ;)

Project Life: February 2019.

I completed most of my February pages already in March as far as photos + cards go but it took me until last week to get around to typing the journalling (my March pages + some of April are also finished except for the journalling). I always save the journalling for last and do it in batches since it tends to get rather time consuming. Even though I know what stories I want to document it can take a while to figure out how, and where because some stories can fit just as well in multiple spreads since I document monthly rather than weekly. On the other hand, selecting and editing photos + mixing them with cards is usually a quick process for me.

In any case, here are my February spreads - all twelve of them with three inserts which might seem like a lot for a short winter month, but you'll soon see why :)

Project Life: My finished 2018 photobook.

Project Life: 2018 album cover.

Project Life: December 2018.

Finally here is my last instalment of 2018 pages. For most of my December pages I used products from the December Daily Digital 2018 Paislee Press Mini Kit. It was my first time trying out products by Ali Edwards and I really loved this kit, but then again I am great fan of everything by Paislee Press. I have never filled up so many pages when documenting December before but of course this year was special since it was Cleo's first holiday season.

Stay tuned for an entry about the cover + photos of the physical book.

Project Life: November 2018.

Every year I struggle with finding scrapbooking products for my autumn pages. Pretty much all new products that come out at this time of year are either Halloween or Thanksgivning themed and since neither are really a thing here I usually don't find them very useful. Thus, I often end up dusting off old kits such as the Everyday Edition, which I also used for my October pages, and the Midnight Edition because they have some neutral colours that I find work well with autumn photos.

Project Life: October 2018.

Today I'm sharing my October 2018 pages which mostly contain a whole lot of baby photos since it was the month when my baby was born :)

Project Life: 2019 Title Page + January.

I still haven't shared all of my 2018 pages, nor photos of the finished book that I have yet to take, but I've decided to skip ahead and share my recently finished January pages first since they're more relevant at this point... I've also included my 2019 title page: