Project Life: 2018 album cover.

Project Life: December 2018.

Finally here is my last instalment of 2018 pages. For most of my December pages I used products from the December Daily Digital 2018 Paislee Press Mini Kit. It was my first time trying out products by Ali Edwards and I really loved this kit, but then again I am great fan of everything by Paislee Press. I have never filled up so many pages when documenting December before but of course this year was special since it was Cleo's first holiday season.

Stay tuned for an entry about the cover + photos of the physical book.

Project Life: November 2018.

Every year I struggle with finding scrapbooking products for my autumn pages. Pretty much all new products that come out at this time of year are either Halloween or Thanksgivning themed and since neither are really a thing here I usually don't find them very useful. Thus, I often end up dusting off old kits such as the Everyday Edition, which I also used for my October pages, and the Midnight Edition because they have some neutral colours that I find work well with autumn photos.

Project Life: October 2018.

Today I'm sharing my October 2018 pages which mostly contain a whole lot of baby photos since it was the month when my baby was born :)

Project Life: 2019 Title Page + January.

I still haven't shared all of my 2018 pages, nor photos of the finished book that I have yet to take, but I've decided to skip ahead and share my recently finished January pages first since they're more relevant at this point... I've also included my 2019 title page:

Project Life: September 2018.

Time to share my September pages! Only four spreads because this was another busy month for us trying to get everything finished around the house in time for baby, so there wasn't that much time to take photos.

Project Life: August 2018.

Today I bring you the next chapter of my 2018 photobook, namely my pages documenting the month of August. The number of pages is unusually low for a summer month in my life. The reason for this is that we went back to work already during the second week of the month and spent all our remaining spare time working on various house projectsand thus I took less photos than usual...

Project Life: July 2018.

Earlier this week I ordered my 2018 photobook from Blurb and the estimated delivery day is already next Friday! Needless to say I am very excited that I will soon get to see all these pages that I've spent so long working on in real life. My book is finished but I still have many pages left to share here. If you're keeping track my July pages are next up. This month included most of my summer vacation so I filled up more spreads than during an average month, but then again that is always the case during the summer months for me.

1 Second Everyday: 2018.

So, last year I decided to give 1 Second Everyday another attempt after giving it up halfway through 2017. You can see the result above. I wish I could say that I managed to complete the full year this time around, but sadly there are many days missing. However, unlike in 2017 I did add some clips every month so I did make some progress!

In 2018 the main reason why I ended up skipping days was that I didn't have anything to film, especially not on workdays during the winter months. Sometimes I forced myself to film something but I ended up with some really dark ugly videos, which made me feel uninspired to keep up with the project. I still have my old iPhone 6 which isn't nearly as sensitive to light as the newer models. This wasn't as much of a problem in 2017 (back then there were other reasons that got in the way of the project) because I still lived in the city and it was easier to find a variety of things to film even on dark winter days, such as my scenic walk to work. Now I drive to work so it's the same boring view every morning/afternoon. I do prefer the freedom that comes with living in a house but I can't deny that my life was more aesthetically pleasing when I lived in a coastal city.

Nevertheless, I am going to give 1SE another go in 2019. My main motivation is, of course, that I have a baby now, and being able to document her development this year not only through photos but also through videos, albeit short ones, is going to be so much fun. I can imagine what a treasure this year's video will become a year from now! It's now the 22nd of January and so far I haven't skipped a single day. Some days I have even added two clips! I think I might struggle to keep up with this project once I return to work in August, but I guess I can always force my fiancé to record videos of Cleo during his subsequent paternity leave ;)

If you want to try this project yourself you can find details about the 1SE app here. I added some free music to the video through the iMovie app.

Project Life: Kiev 2018.

As I mentioned in my previous entry I went on a trip to the Ukraine in April 2018. This past week or so I used nap time to finally document the trip and today I'm sharing the completed pages!