Project Life: 2017 title page.

Chronologically there are many blog posts I should have posted before this one, and I probably should have wrapped up my 2016 album first before taking the time to put this together. Still, there's something about the start of a new year that makes me so eager to create the title page for that year's album that I just couldn't wait!

It actually didn't take me very long at all to put together. I used last year's title page as a template and picked some cards from the Project 52 Fresh Edition. I tried out some more colourful cards at first but somehow I came back to these neutral cards, just like I did last year. You might say that I am a bit obsessed with the photo of us + Elsa, considering that I used it for our Christmas cards and have included it in my 2016 album as well. It is the first photo of us as a family though and will always be very special to me + Elsa's expression is just the cutest thing I ever did see!

I replaced last year's "Come what may" card with "Let's do this!" and it says a lot about how differently I feel going into this year... A year ago I felt reluctant to let 2015 go because it had been a great year in many ways and I was afraid of the changes and uncertainty that 2016 would bring. (As it turned out not all of my fears materialized and 2016 ended up being far less dramatic than I had expected.) I feel so much calmer going into 2017 and I'm mostly curious to learn what it has in store for us. So, let's do this!

Around here: New Years Eve.

We spent New Years Eve with the friends we usually celebrate with, this time around joined by the little baby boy they had in 2016, and my boyfriend's cousin. We actually ordered food from a local restaurant and it was so convenient to just pick it up and not have to spend time buying + preparing the food ourselves. Technically these sunrise photos weren't taken on New Years Eve, but the day before. It was, however, the last chance to see a sunrise in 2016 since New Years Eve was cloudy. I took the 30th of December off from work because I had a terrible cold and once I had checked the weather forecast I hurried down to the beach and got there just in time for the sun to rise above the horizon. It was such a calm lovely morning and I immediatelly regretted not taking the time to see the sun rise (or set for that matter, but that's harder to arrange here on the east coast) more often throughout the year. I promised myself that I would make time for such experiences more often in 2017.

Around here: Christmas 2016.

Christmas this year wasn't quite what I would have wished for. For various reasons neither one of my sisters was able to come home for Christmas so it was just me, Per, my parents + grandfather + my aunt and her family celebrating. Still quite a big gathering, of course, but seeing as it was my first Christmas without my sisters (except for Christmas 2004 when I lived in London) it was hard not to feel their absence. Fortunately our little ray of sunshine Elsa was with us celebrating her first Christmas, and at the end of the day, I can imagine no better company than a cute little kitten, any day of the year ♥

Project Life: November 2016.

Here are my spreads for the month of November which is finished a couple of days ago. Only one month left of 2016 before I can order my photo book, I can't believe how fast this year has gone by! I used quite a lot of different products for these ones so I'm very pleased that they came out looking relatively cohesive :)

Starting out with a spread about the month in general as always. Calendar card from the Project 52 2016 Edition (recoloured to all white) and "November" stamp from Paislee Press. All the other cards are from the Everyday Edition. I cut out the little "sticker" from a filler card from the Moments Like These Edition.

A spread about an outing we went on to the Store Mosse national park. All products from the beautiful new Project 52 Fresh Edition.

Bringing home little Elsa was a great opportunity to use the Cats Themed Cards. This is a spread about her first day home. "Welcome" stamp from Paislee Press.

A spread about my visit to my mum's godparents. All products from Project 52 Fresh.

Documenting the week I spent home with Elsa :) Cards from the Baby Edition and Stampin' Up! Hello Baby Girl, except for the "just us" card which is from Project 52 Fresh (hearts are from Hello Baby Girl though).

Another spread about Elsa, this time about our visit to my sister when she got to meet her "cousin" Alfons for the first time. I used Cats Themed Cards for this as well, but the "hello" stamp is from a card from Project 52 Fresh.

Finally, a spread about the last weekend of November when we went to a local Christmas market and decorated for Christmas. Joyful Papers and elements by Amber LaBau Designs. You can see these pages in larger size in this entry over at Amber's blog.

Project Life is a memory keeping system created by Becky Higgins. You can learn more about it here. Digital page protectors by Valorie Wibbens.

Around here: It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

I just love this time of year! In November the Christmas lights start to pop up around town and it suddenly gets so much lighter even though the days are just getting shorter. This year we decorated our apartment for Christmas on the last Saturday of November and then mum came to visit and we went to the Christmas market at the castle together. Just as always I stocked up on Christmas sweets + some other goodies. We also baked saffron buns one evening after work and enjoyed them freshly baked with some mulled wine. And this is only the beginning :)