Project Life: September 2019.

Today I bring you my pages documenting September of last year - six spreads with one 6x12 insert. Only three more months of 2019 left to share before I can start sharing my 2020 pages. I already posted the title page on Instagram in case you haven't seen it yet.

Products used (some items have been recoloured):

Project Life: August 2019.

Today I bring you my August 2019 pages! It was another beautiful summer month and I filled up eleven spreads in total with two 6x12 inserts. I remembered that I hadn't used the Project 52 Fresh Edition in a while so I kept things simple and used it for most of these pages.

Products used (some items have been recoloured):

Project Life: July 2019.

Today I bring you the seventh instalment of my 2019 Project Life pages, namely the pages documenting the month of July. My fiancé was on vacation from work during the second half of this month which meant we could go on lots of little outings as well as a longer road trip and that is definitely reflected in the number of pages - 21 spreads with one 6x12 insert!

Products used (as always some items have been recoloured):

Project Life: June 2019.

It's been quite a while since I posted my last entry here. These past months I have focused on getting my 2019 Project Life pages completed and ready for print and last weekend I was finally ready to order my photobook from Blurb! The generous 40 % discount certainly encouraged me to finish those last details faster than I would have otherwise.

I'm a bit nervous about what my finished book will look like because even though I have ordered photobooks through Blurb more than ten times by now I made a mistake this time. I hope I will still be happy with the result and I will post an entry with photos of the physical book here as always. You'll have to wait to learn what I did wrong until then haha. As promised I will also share the remainder of my digital pages here on the blog, starting with my pages documenting the month of June.

Since I had my baby and my spare time became much more limited than before, I've tried to streamline every area of my life to save time where I can (classic type A personality!). When I thought about these entries and why it takes me so long to get around to putting them together, the thing that stood out to me is the descriptions I've been writing under every spread. In 2019 I filled up more pages than ever but I also tried to stick to just a few digital kits for each month, so there's really no reason for me to tell you what products I used under every spread. Instead I will just write a summary at the beginning of the entries from now on and if you have any questions about the details you can always ask. I think that will save me a lot of time.

So, here goes the month of June. 15 spreads with three 6x12 inserts.

Products used (as always some items have been recoloured):

Project Life: May 2019.

Yesterday I finally finished my August pages so now I am working on September. I decided to celebrate by taking some time out of my regularly scheduled memory keeping to share the next instalment of my 2019 pages here, namely those documenting the month of May :)

Project Life: April 2019.

I finished these pages a long time ago but with a baby in my life I have to focus on keeping up with Project Life rather than keeping up with sharing my Project Life pages here. But I have definitely not forgot this place, and my intention is to keep sharing my pages, however late. Thus, here are my April pages. I have since finished May and June and most of July and August sans journalling so those pages will make it here eventually :)

Project Life: March 2019.

March is in the books and getting up to date with this year's memory keeping feels within reach! I am also on top of my baby's first year book right now. For this reason I am actually considering starting a new memory keeping project, but we'll see if I dare to do something that bold while taking care of a soon-to-be eight-month-old ;)

Project Life: February 2019.

I completed most of my February pages already in March as far as photos + cards go but it took me until last week to get around to typing the journalling (my March pages + some of April are also finished except for the journalling). I always save the journalling for last and do it in batches since it tends to get rather time consuming. Even though I know what stories I want to document it can take a while to figure out how, and where because some stories can fit just as well in multiple spreads since I document monthly rather than weekly. On the other hand, selecting and editing photos + mixing them with cards is usually a quick process for me.

In any case, here are my February spreads - all twelve of them with three inserts which might seem like a lot for a short winter month, but you'll soon see why :)

Project Life: My finished 2018 photobook.

Project Life: 2018 album cover.