Trips in 2017: Budapest.

Life Lately: April 2017.

Watching | We watched The Beauty and the Beast at the cinema for Per's birthday. I was impressed by how beautifully made it was! Something that surprised me was how well I remember the 90s version, considering that I haven't actually watched it since the 90s. I recognized many lines + songs. It was my favourite Disney film growing up though, along with the Lion King, so I guess I must have watched it a hundred times :) Other than that we didn't watch many films in April, because we started watching The Office from the beginning. I was a huge fan of The Office back in the day - it's one of the TV shows I was the most invested in during my fangirl days (Jim and Pam will forever hold a special place in my heart!). Per had never seen it though and suddenly I felt like rewatching it so we started and he fell in love with it too. He actually asked why I hadn't shared it with him before in our five years together, "considering how many crappy films and TV shows I have made him watch" haha :) We've finished the first four seasons already so we have five more to go, which means we probably won't be watching much else anytime soon.

Listening to | Still the Moana soundtrack, on repeat. It's that great! Per decided that I can only listen to each song five times a day haha. But, we also listened to Lisa Nilsson a lot after seeing her in concert at the beginning of the month (she was amazing!).

Consuming | Easter food + more barbecue food.

Reading | I started The Zoo Keeper's Wife but I didn't finish it yet. Not because I don't like it but simply because I have been too preoccupied with other things to be able to focus on reading.

Visiting | My parents for Easter and Per's mother for Walpurgis Night + other occasions, and my cousin to celebrate her confirmation.

Enjoying | All the flowers, spending time outside with Elsa, sunny days and getting some extra days off for Easter.

Making | Project Life pages documenting the month of March and some pages for my infertility album.

Looking forward to | The weather turning warmer soon, I hope. SUMMER. Getting more time to work on my creative projects - April was filled with social + some work engagements that meant I had less time to spend on my projects than I usually do.

Project Life: March 2017.

This weekend I finished my spreads for the month of March. Only four this time, but that isn't the whole truth because I have yet to finish documenting our trip to Budapest and I expect that I will fill up about six spreads or so doing that. I will share those spreads + photos from the trip in separate entries later.

First spread of the month, a bit about the month in general + some major events in our lives. There was lots of journalling to include this time! The calendar card is from the Project 52 Fresh Edition, and the other cards are from the Everyday Edition and the Charming Edition. The Charming Edition was actually one of my favourite products of 2016 but I didn't get to use it as much as I would have liked to last year, so I am going to remedy that in 2017 :)

A spread about the beautiful spring days we had and taking Elsa out to experience her first spring. All products are from the Good Stuff Kit by Amber LaBau.

Documenting a lovely outing to the Vickleby Forest on the island of Öland, where we always go at this time of year. All cards are from the the Charming Edition. (The spreads about Budapest will go before this one.)

March was my last month at the workplace where I've spent the past two years, and it felt important to document that period of transition in my life. This is another spread where I mixed the Everyday Edition and the Charming Edition (some cards have been recoloured). Flair on the right side from the Everyday Flair Add On by Amber LaBau.

Project Life is a memory keeping system created by Becky Higgins. You can learn more about it here. Digital page protectors by Valorie Wibbens.

Project Life: My finished 2016 photobook.

Life Lately: March 2017.

Watching | Several great films, especially Moana, The Edge of Seventeen and Sameblod.

Listening to | The Moana soundtrack on repeat, especially How Far I'll Go, We Know The Way + You're Welcome. So catchy!

Consuming | The weather allowed us to have our first barbecue food of the season! Yum.

Reading | Det är något som inte stämmer by Martina Haag was my book-of-the-month. I liked it much more than I thought I would, it was both funny and heartbreaking at the same time.

Visiting | My parents and Per's mum like we seem to do at least once every month.

Enjoying | The lovely spring weather we had at times this month, and the fact that winter seems to be gone for real. Slowly shedding our winter layers and being able to spend more and more time outside + bringing Elsa outside more. Lighter evenings. Our wonderful long weekend in Budapest. Something super exciting that happened to a close family member.

Making | Project Life pages for February and taking plenty of photos throughout the month that I am looking forward to sharing and scrapbooking (sometimes I start the month's pages before the month is over but most of the time I wait until the next month).

Looking forward to | Warmer weather + seeing the world slowly turn greener and greener with each passing day. Getting some extra days off from work for Easter. Learning the ins and outs of my new job which I just started.