Around here: 3-0.

Outings: Blå jungfrun.

Around here: Back from vacation.

Outings: Örarevet.

Project Life: Going digital?

Life lately: July 2015.

Watching | Most notably, Minions at the cinema. While I do think I prefer the Despicable Me films (they're the ones that introduced Minions into my life after all), it did not disappoint and I can't wait to see my favourite Minion scenes again. P and I have added quite a few Minionese words to our vocabulary and anyone who isn't familiar with those little yellow creatures would think we're super weird if they heard our conversations. Other than that, we watched the Danish TV show 1864 and concluded yet again that the Danes know how to make great TV.

Listening to | Lots of country music which is just perfect for roadtrips, which there were a lot of in July.

Consuming | Ice cream almost everyday, especially now that it's finally truly warm outside.

Reading | I actually read two books in July, which means I am now fully caught up with my book goal for 2015. I think I even might have finished a third at the beginning of the month - Britt-Marie var här by Fredrik Backman. It was so-so, and I was quite relieved when I'd got through it and was able to go to the library and stock up on some fresh summer reads. I stumbled across Shifting Colours by Fiona Sussman and it was one of the best books I've read lately, one that I can definitely recommend. Finally I read Åka skridskor i Warszawa by Emilia Degenius during our trip because it was the only book I had with me to read after finishing Shifting Colours. I would probably not have finished it if I'd had something else to read because it was quite terribly written, but as it was I persevered (had to occupy myself somehow on the ferry rides with no wifi access) and I am glad I did. It's not a book I'd recommend because it's so badly written (think long sentences without punctuation, too long paragraphs, stream-of-consciousness, confusing jumps back and forth between different periods of time etc), but the story was actually interesting, at least if you have a connection to Poland.

Visiting | The parents (I know I always say this), Cissi in Lund, Fanny at her new place.

Enjoying | Being on vacation!!!

Making | Not that much this month, but I did manage to get fairly up-to-date with updating this blog.

Looking forward to | Right now I kind of want the time to slow down/stop because we go back to work on Monday, but in a longer perspective I look forward to a trip I'll be going on in late September.

Project Life: Glimpses from 2000-2004.