Life lately: January 2016.

Watching | Some really good films - En man som heter Ove (I think it did justice to the book, which is one of my favourites), The Walk (I didn't know the story beforehand, so I had to cover my eyes through parts of it haha - don't watch it if you're afraid of heights), The Martian, The Revenant and season 2 of The Affair.

Listening to | Nothing special this month really.

Consuming | Blood oranges which I love almost as much as satsumas.

Reading | I finished two books this month, German YA novel 28 Tage Lang (which I loved and definitely recommend, but there doesn't seem to be an English translation yet from what I can tell?) and This I Know by Susannah Conway (liked it, but it didn't revolutionize my life or anything).

Visiting | P's parents + some of my co-workers.

Enjoying | Prague, the beautiful winter days we were blessed with, changing things up around my home + the fresh start feeling that a new year brings.

Making | Project Life pages for my 2015 + 2016 photo books, as well as the Project Life Creative Team.

Looking forward to | The day my 2015 photo book arrives in the mail.

Project Life: 2015 album cover.

Around here: Sunday.

Project Life: My memory keeping plans for 2016.

Outings: Uvaklöva.

Project Life: 2016 title page.

As promised I bring you my 2016 title page. It was shared on Becky's blog yesterday. Just like with last year's title page (which I completed not that many months ago) I kept it simple. I experimented with some more colour at first but then I went back to my favourite edition which is, of course, the Everyday Edition, because you can never go wrong with that. I did throw in the little camera from the Project 52 2016 Edition (which I love as well) to spice it up a bit though. I have yet to decide whether I'm going to keep using the digital page protectors from Valorie Wibbens which I used for my 2015 album in 2016 or not. I quite like this simpler look (and in any case this is what my contributions to the PL Creative Team will look like since there are no official PL digital page protectors). One thing that I am certain of though is that I will never do round corners, but I've felt "certain" of things when it comes to scrapbooking before only to change my mind later, so I should probably never say never ;)

Project Life: December

Tonight I finished my Project Life spreads from December. These past months I've documented each month at the start of the next because I think it's easier to organize my layouts that way. I have to say that I love being this up to date with my memory keeping. It was only a year ago that I wrote that I preferred to document the year once it was over, because I thought it made it easier to choose which photos to include once time had passed and I'd gained some perspective. Funny how these things change.

During the past months I've done something else that's entirely new to me, which came naturally once I started to document more recent events - I've started including more journalling. Nothing crazy, and never more than one or two journalling cards per spread, but I really like adding another dimension to my documenting. I wish I had started it sooner. I plan to go back and add a bit more journalling before I have the 2015 album printed. I'm so close to finishing it now, all I have left is to document our trip to Croatia. In any case, here are the spreads from December... I will be back with an entry about my 2016 title page + memory keeping plans for the year ahead later in the month.

Around here: New Years Eve.

Life Lately: December 2015.

Watching | Swedish Christmas film En underbar jävla jul at the cinema and Phoenix during the holidays.

Listening to | Christmas music, above all.

Consuming | Lots of Christmas food + sweets.

Reading | I started reading 28 Tage lang by David Safier (a Swedish translation though, my German is not what it once was) but didn't finish it yet, mostly because I had already completed my book goal for 2015 and wanted the book to count towards my 2016 goal.

Visiting | The parents + relatives around the holidays.

Enjoying | Everything about the holidays :) Christmas shopping, the decorations, the food and so on.

Making | More pages for my 2015 PL album.

Looking forward to | Being on the PL Creative Team in 2016 and our trip to Prague in late January.

Around here: Goodbye 2015, hello 2016.

2015 was quite a year... I know that the scars I carry from this year will shape the rest of my life. And yet, I've felt reluctant to let 2015 go because paradoxically it has also been one of the best years of my life so far. 2016 will bring with it lots of uncertainty. Big decisions will need to be made, the life-changing kind. But during the past thirty years I've learned that the light inside me might flicker sometimes, but it has never gone out yet. I have faith that it won't in 2016 either, come what may. I have never chosen a word for the upcoming year before, but this time it came to me rather effortlessly. Stronger. A reminder that I am stronger than I give myself credit for and that life's difficulties will only continue to make me stronger.

Happy New Year everyone and welcome to any new readers who might find themselves here thanks to yesterday's big announcement.

Bring on 2016 :)