Project Life: Croatia 2015.

With our second trip to Croatia just behind us I thought I'd share my Project Life pages documenting my first trip to Croatia, in September + October 2015. I never got around to sharing them here back then (nor any photos from this trip for that matter), even though they were my favourite pages in my 2015 album. They were the last pages I made for the album and by then I had developed my style a bit more (2015 was my first year doing Digital Project Life). When I look at these it annoys me that I didn't think of adding drop shadows to the photos until after I finished this album ;)

I mostly used the Everyday Edition for these pages. It was brand new at the time and I found that the pink, gold and blue hues complemented my photos from Croatia really well. I also used a bit of the Moments Like These, Sunshine and Midnight editions as well as the Be Bright themed cards and the This & That value kit. This was my first time including (scanned) memorabilia in my pages.

Life Lately: June 2017.

Watching | We watched Despicable Me 3 and Kongens nei at the cinema. I was somewhat disappointed by the former because it didn't include the Minions enough. Kongens nei was very well-made and I enjoyed learning more about a part of history that I wasn't very familiar with. Other than that we've continued to watch The Office although our pace has slowed down because summer means that we're spending less time indoors. We are about to finish season 7.

Listening to | My summer playlist on Spotify (it's mostly filled with classic Swedish summer songs).

Consuming | Fresh strawberries as often as I can get the chance!

Reading | I finally finished The Zookeeper's Wife. I know many people think it is filled with too many irrelevant passages and descriptions, but I kind of liked it anyway? I have read several (fictional) novels about life in Warszaw during WWII in the past years and it was very interesting to compare them with a non-fictional story. Also, I liked the extra facts that the author provided about Polish Culture and customs. I realize that it's probably more interesting to me because of my Polish heritage though.

Visiting | Family in Stockholm.

Enjoying | Going to Stockholm for a weekend, celebrating Midsummer in one of my favourite places on earth, warm sunny summer evenings, taking Elsa (our kitten) out on longer outings, swimming in the sea, oh, and finally buying a house after four years of house hunting!

Making | Pages for my infertility album + 2017 Project Life photobook.

Looking forward to | I have a lot to look forward to right now, especially our upcoming summer vacation, going to Croatia for a week (including a daytrip to Venice!) and moving into our new house at the end of the summer :)