Project Life: The beginning.

I've been neglecting this little space. You see, something else has been keeping me busy in the past weeks... It all started in December when we bought a scanner because Per decided he wanted to scan his old photos. I'd wanted to get a scanner for a while to scan the photos from my childhood and make a photobook with them, but it'd remained somewhere at the bottom of my to-do-list. But, now I had a scanner so it was much easier to get started, and when we went to my hometown two weeks ago I borrowed the first eight photo albums mum has kept since moving to Sweden in 1984, covering the years 1984-1994.

Then I set to work scanning them, and noted certain things. The photos from the first 5 years are square shaped, and the rest are regular ones. The quality is not that great, even though I scan them at a large resolution. I had intended to make a photobook or two through Blurb like I do with my new photos. I thought I'd make it simple, using something like this kit so I wouldn't have to spend lots of time making layouts. Once I'd scanned the first years I tried making some pages, but I was not happy with the results. I had to conclude that the old photos just wouldn't render themselves well in a photobook. And then I thought about how great they looked in the old albums, in those photo pockets... And well, I've been standing at the side-lines of the project life world for a few years deciding it's not for me, but suddenly I had a reason to start. On Thursday I went ahead and ordered my first page protectors and an album from We R Memory Keepers (the Classic leather album in vanilla) and today the package arrived and I had to celebrate by making the cover page...

The flower background, pink flower and confetti came in freebies from Sweet Shoppe. The Hello handwriting is by Caylee Grey. I am going to keep it simple because I have so many years of photos to include and I want to get it done in a couple of months. Still have several albums left to scan. I was sure I'd be going for round corners, but just before I was about to order a round corner punch I decided I actually like the look of square corners better. I am going to do white frames around all the photos/cards to make the album more cohesive. I will use design P (9 squares) for the years with square photos, and design C for the rest of the years. I will have the photos and cards printed through my go-to photo lab. And, I'm going hybrid.

Once I finish this album (that might actually end up being two...) I will tackle the next decade, 1995-2004. Then I'll have my whole life documented because in 2004 I moved out from home and started keeping my own photo albums.

In any case, I can't even tell you how excited I am about this project :) I am sure I will end up sharing more pages here.

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