Around here: Christmas 2015.

December 24th.

Today is the big day around here so it's time to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas :)

Around here: Glimpses from December so far.

2015 Top 5.

TV shows

Tusen år till julafton | 1864 | The Affair | Mad Men | Det är inte så dumt att bli gammal

This feels like the most random mix - one Swedish Advent calendar mini series, two American TV shows, one Danish mini series and a Swedish (mini) documentary series. But, as I looked through my life lately entries from 2015 these are the shows that stood out. Mad Men (which I will miss dearly) and The Affair were entertaining and Tusen år till julafton super cute while 1864 and Det är inte så dumt att bli gammal had the most lasting impact on me, on a deeper level.


Far from the Madding Crowd | Little Boy | Still Alice | Testament of Youth | The Theory of Everything

I feel like 2015 had more good quality films than previous years so it was quite difficult to pick a top 5 (I know some of these came out in 2014 but I didn't watch them until 2015 so I'm including them here). Honorable mentions would be Everest and The Imitation Game.


Little Bee | The Opposite of Loneliness | Sarah's Key | Shifting Colours | We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves

Out of the 12 books I read this year these were the ones I enjoyed the most. I don't necessarily think any of these would make it to my all-time favourites, but they were definitely worth reading and opened my eyes to certain issues I didn't know much about before. I wasn't very intentional about picking these books but realize now that it's easy to detect a common theme of injustice and prejudice in them, with the exception of The Opposite of Loneliness. Quite fitting for a year like 2015, as it turned out.

Project Life: September.

I finished my September spreads not that long ago so I thought I'd share them, a bit late. There are only three spreads from the whole month, but that will change dramatically once I document our trip to Croatia.

Project Life: November.

Here are my PL spreads from November. Apparently I liked BW and stripes this month :) I still have quite a few spreads to complete from earlier this year, but despite that I've never been this caught up with my yearly scrapbooking before. I hope I will be able to have my photo book printed early in the new year.

Around here: The first Sunday of Advent.

Life lately: November 2015.

Watching | Spectre at the cinema, Inside Out and the Shaun the Sheep Movie at home. I am not a huge Bond fan, but I can't deny that the films are entertaining in many ways. Inside Out and Shaun the Sheep were both super cute.

Listening to | Music from Så mycket bättre, especially by Miriam Bryant and Lisa Nilsson.

Consuming | Homemade sweets from the Christmas market we went to at the castle last weekend + saffron buns, yum.

Reading | I finished Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay. Such a fascinating story about historic events I knew very little about beforehand.

Visiting | My parents as well as my youngest sister and her new baby kitty Alfons - the cutest little furball I ever did see.

Enjoying | Attending my friend's Disney-themed birthday party at the beginning of the month, trying out my new camera lens, getting the opportunity to do a short internship at the local police department and D.A.'s office, decorating and planning for Christmas and of course memory keeping.

Making | Project Life spreads.

Looking forward to | Finishing my Christmas shopping, making this year's gingerbread house and Christmas of course :)

Around here: November sunshine.

Project Life: October.

I've decided that it makes the most sense that I start by sharing my most recent Project Life spreads here, so I thought I'd do that in this entry. October was a beautiful month with more sunshine than usual, which obviously translated to more photos than usual. I ended up devoting four entire spreads to my October photos, excluding the ones from Croatia which I have yet to scrapbook.

Life lately: October 2015.

Watching | Not as many new films as earlier this year (perhaps because this is the time of year when there's actually something to watch on TV for once?). I watched Spy and then Everest at the cinema, both of which I really enjoyed. As for TV, most notably, Så Mycket Bättre is back which is always exciting.

Listening to | Miriam Bryant because she's by far the best singer on Så Mycket Bättre and I'm predictable that way. Other than that my favourite Moa Lignell released a new album, and of course Adele's new single hasn't escaped me.

Consuming | Satsumas! I know it's the same answer as last month, but nothing else really stands out.

Reading | I finished What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty, which was sort of entertaining in unexpected ways. I have a policy of avoiding chick-lit but I stumbled across it at the library and couldn't find anything else, so I picked it up. I recently started reading Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay, which is more in line with what I usually read.

Visiting | October went by so fast that I hardly remember... But the parents, as always.

Enjoying | The many beautiful autumn days October blessed us with, Project Life, our Halloween party at work + being part of the Party Planning Committee and lots of fun busy days at work...

Making | Project Life spreads :)

Looking forward to | Trying out my recent purchase, the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Art Lens that has been on my wishlist for a year + some news I'm expecting later this month that might be really exciting.

Outings: Kristianopel.

Around here: Autumn colours.

Project Life: 2015 title page.

I've made so much progress with my 2015 Project Life pages these past weeks (hence my absence online). At this rate I will be caught up before the end of the year, which would be great because then I can order a photo book already in January. I'm really looking forward to seeing the pages in print. Since the first pages I made included photos from this summer I've been working my way backwards (and forwards) and I finished the title page only yesterday so I thought I'd start by sharing that. I intend to share some more pages later on, when I've filled in the gaps so I can share them in chronologial order.

Project Life is a memory keeping system created by Becky Higgins. You can learn more about it here.
Products used: Digital page protector by Valorie Wibbens, Hello 2015 stamp by Caylee Grey, 3x4 filler cards + sticker from the Everyday Edition, camera from the Dear Lizzy Polka Dot Party mini kit and "bracket" stamp from the Moments Like These Edition.

Trips in 2015: Scandinavia Part 4/4.

Life lately: September 2015.

Watching | I usually only mention the things I actually enjoyed watching, but this month I must include Mad Max: Fury Road which was one of the worst films I've ever seen. Really don't get the hype at all. Per felt so guilty afterwards for making me watch it. As for a really good film, I watched Little Boy which was one of the sweetest films I've seen in a very long time. It might just have made me cry, on more than one occasion. Finally, we went to see the hilarious Vacation at the cinema. On TV my guilty pleasure show Lyxfällan came back and has me gasping in horror at people's stupidity every week despite how predictable it has turned. Also, I've been watching Vem tror du att du är? and feeling jealous that I never found anything as exciting when researching my family tree. It seems like no matter who's on the show they're always related to royalty or other famous people, or at least manage to dig up some juicy crime story.

Listening to | My Disney playlist which I seem unable to grow tired of.

Consuming | Hotel breakfasts galore what with spending ten nights at six different hotels in September/early October + lots of delicious Croatian food, including Ćevapčići and various seafood... And plenty of icecream of course. Oh and my beloved satsumas are in season again! I even bought some straight from a farmer in Croatia.

Reading | Since I was on vacation I had time to finish two books - Little Bee by Chris Cleave and What Milo Saw by Virginia Macgregor. I enjoyed both but I don't think they will stick with me in the long run because I didn't really love any of the characters... Lately I've taken to visiting the library on a regular basis and it's worked wonders for my reading. So simple really... When I buy books I end up not really enjoying I force myself to get through them because it seems wasteful to buy new ones and let the unread ones pile up, and thus I lose interest in reading. With library books there's no such guilt; I can just return the books and pick some fresh ones.

Visiting | Just the parents from what I can remember but I might be missing someone because September was such a long and busy month.

Enjoying | Above all, the sunshine, blue skies and beauty of Croatia (+ Montenegro where we went on a day trip). This vacation was everything I dreamed of & more. Croatia will always hold a special place in my heart and I hope to go back there many times in the future.

Making | Digital Project Life pages for my 2015 photobook.

Looking forward to | Scrapbooking my memories from Croatia. But first I will share the photos on here; it's my rule that I can't scrapbook any photos that I haven't blogged.

Trips in 2015: Scandinavia Part 3/4.

Trips in 2015: Scandinavia Part 2/4.

Outings: Kurrebo.

Around here: 30th + 20th birthday party.

Project Life: How I scrapbooked 20 years in five months.

In the scrapbooking world having your entire life scrapbooked seems to be somewhat of a holy grail, something many aspire to but few people ever get close to reaching. This year, I've got very close to reaching that goal and today I thought I'd share how I did it in five steps.

Around here: A Sunday in August.

Life lately: August 2015.

Watching | Most notably, Far from the Madding Crowd and Testament of Youth, both of which contain beautiful scenery and love stories. Watching them really made me want to go travelling on the English countryside. Also, this, which I claim is the best Swedish documentary series in a long time.

Listening to | Panflute music. I feel strangely drawn to the often melancholy sound.

Consuming | All the delicious chocolate I got for my birthday.

Reading | Augustiresan by Anna Fredriksson which I mostly read because it takes place in August in an area of the country that I love... I can't say I loved the book, nor did I expect to, but the way it was written managed to draw me in anyway.

Visiting | The parents several times, my friend E & various other places I went to during my summer vacation.

Enjoying | The perfect summer weather we had, being on vacation, fun busy days at work, excellent photo lighting, celebrating my birthday...

Making | Less progress with my photo projects than I would have liked, but I hope to make up for that in the autumn. When the weather is nice I obviously prefer to be out doing things and taking photos rather than staying inside, editing them.

Looking forward to | Going to Croatia in three weeks!

Trips in 2015: Scandinavia Part 1/4.

Around here: 3-0.

Outings: Blå jungfrun.

Around here: Back from vacation.

Outings: Örarevet.

Project Life: Going digital?

Life lately: July 2015.

Watching | Most notably, Minions at the cinema. While I do think I prefer the Despicable Me films (they're the ones that introduced Minions into my life after all), it did not disappoint and I can't wait to see my favourite Minion scenes again. P and I have added quite a few Minionese words to our vocabulary and anyone who isn't familiar with those little yellow creatures would think we're super weird if they heard our conversations. Other than that, we watched the Danish TV show 1864 and concluded yet again that the Danes know how to make great TV.

Listening to | Lots of country music which is just perfect for roadtrips, which there were a lot of in July.

Consuming | Ice cream almost everyday, especially now that it's finally truly warm outside.

Reading | I actually read two books in July, which means I am now fully caught up with my book goal for 2015. I think I even might have finished a third at the beginning of the month - Britt-Marie var här by Fredrik Backman. It was so-so, and I was quite relieved when I'd got through it and was able to go to the library and stock up on some fresh summer reads. I stumbled across Shifting Colours by Fiona Sussman and it was one of the best books I've read lately, one that I can definitely recommend. Finally I read Åka skridskor i Warszawa by Emilia Degenius during our trip because it was the only book I had with me to read after finishing Shifting Colours. I would probably not have finished it if I'd had something else to read because it was quite terribly written, but as it was I persevered (had to occupy myself somehow on the ferry rides with no wifi access) and I am glad I did. It's not a book I'd recommend because it's so badly written (think long sentences without punctuation, too long paragraphs, stream-of-consciousness, confusing jumps back and forth between different periods of time etc), but the story was actually interesting, at least if you have a connection to Poland.

Visiting | The parents (I know I always say this), Cissi in Lund, Fanny at her new place.

Enjoying | Being on vacation!!!

Making | Not that much this month, but I did manage to get fairly up-to-date with updating this blog.

Looking forward to | Right now I kind of want the time to slow down/stop because we go back to work on Monday, but in a longer perspective I look forward to a trip I'll be going on in late September.

Project Life: Glimpses from 2000-2004.

Around here: Vacation!

Today marks the start of the highlight of my summer vacation, a little Scandinavian adventure that will take us up to Oslo and then down to Skagen in Denmark. I realize the bikini and sunglasses are a bit optimistic in light of the weather forecast, but I'm hoping for the best. See you in a week :)

Trips in 2015: Skåne part 2/2.

Trips in 2015: Skåne part 1/2.

Outings: Southern Öland.

Outings: A ride on Dessi.

Around here: Midsummer.

Around here: Strawberries.

Outings: A day in Lund.

Outings: Hyllsjön.

Outings: Northern Öland.

Life lately: June 2015.

Watching | I watched several films in June but the only two that really stood out were Fifty Shades of Grey and Kingsman: The Secret Service. I agreed to watch the former reluctantly because there was nothing else to watch, and was actually positively surprised by it. I mean, it has basically no plot whatsoever and is offensive in certain ways, but it was pretty to look at so a shallow part of me enjoyed it. The latter was a film I'd looked forward to watching ever since I saw the trailer and unfortunately I was quite disappointed by it, particularly by the excessive amount of fighting scenes (but, Colin Firth!).

Listening to | Summer music mostly. Nothing new.

Consuming | Strawberries as often as I can :)

Reading | Guide books and trying to make plans for my upcoming summer vacation.

Visiting | The parents, S & O for Midsummer, my cousin to attend his high school graduation.

Enjoying | Finishing my third Project Life album (will be sharing photos of it soon), the summer party at work, a summery weekend in Skåne, Midsummer weekend, just summer in general ♥

Making | I worked on the PL album, other than that I've updated my family tree a bit and last but not least I made some changes to this little blog.

Looking forward to | Going to see the Minions film tomorrow night :D

Around here: Changes.

In an effort to feel inspired to update this blog more often I made some changes to it. New layout + wider photos + new title. Let's hope this one will stick because it's exhausting to update it everywhere. Now I just hope my little handful of readers will find their way here :)

Outings: Nostalgia 2015.

At this time of year we tend to visit a lot of classic car events. Yesterday it was time for the annual Nostalgia Festival down in Ronneby. It's held in the beautiful Brunnsparken, a park well worth a visit in itself. If you ask me, a chance to don one of my flowery vintage dresses and eat sweets and hotdogs to my heart's content always makes for a good time :)

Around here: Cousin J's graduation.

Around here: A city filled with lilacs.

Life lately: May 2015.

I've been away on training in Stockholm this week so this is a bit late...

Watching | I actually watched a bunch of really good films in May. Big Eyes, Still Alice and Just Before I Go were my favourites. Julianne Moore definitely deserved that Oscar. Other than that it was time to say goodbye to Mad Men which I will miss dearly, and all the other TV shows I've followed this spring ended for the season.

Listening to | My summer playlist more and more often :)

Consuming | Icecream and way more Diet Coke than I should.

Reading | Still reading Yes Please. Amy Poehler is too funny.

Visiting | The parents, mum's godparents... The big store in the west i.e. Ullared. And that surprise visit to the hospital which already feels like forever ago but actually was just three weeks ago.

Enjoying | Life on the verge of summer - the weather in May was beautiful most of the time and the whole city is in bloom with lilacs and those big poppies I love. All the shopping I did, especially the new dresses I bought. Reviving one of my slumbering hobbies - dollhouses - and making plans for how I'm going to redecorate the one I bought a decade ago that's been in storage ever since.

Making | Spreads for my 2000-2004 Project Life album. I only have one third left now and I kind of don't want to finish it because then my five months of Project Life fun will be over and it'll be back to photobook making... Which is fun too, but I will miss PL. Something tells me that it's quite likely I will end up making a fourth Project Life album of the years 2005-2008 eventually.

Looking forward to | Going to Österlen in the middle of June. And my summer vacation a bit further down the line, although we have yet to decide how we'll be spending it which is stressing me out a bit.