Life lately: June 2015.

Watching | I watched several films in June but the only two that really stood out were Fifty Shades of Grey and Kingsman: The Secret Service. I agreed to watch the former reluctantly because there was nothing else to watch, and was actually positively surprised by it. I mean, it has basically no plot whatsoever and is offensive in certain ways, but it was pretty to look at so a shallow part of me enjoyed it. The latter was a film I'd looked forward to watching ever since I saw the trailer and unfortunately I was quite disappointed by it, particularly by the excessive amount of fighting scenes (but, Colin Firth!).

Listening to | Summer music mostly. Nothing new.

Consuming | Strawberries as often as I can :)

Reading | Guide books and trying to make plans for my upcoming summer vacation.

Visiting | The parents, S & O for Midsummer, my cousin to attend his high school graduation.

Enjoying | Finishing my third Project Life album (will be sharing photos of it soon), the summer party at work, a summery weekend in Skåne, Midsummer weekend, just summer in general ♥

Making | I worked on the PL album, other than that I've updated my family tree a bit and last but not least I made some changes to this little blog.

Looking forward to | Going to see the Minions film tomorrow night :D

Around here: Changes.

In an effort to feel inspired to update this blog more often I made some changes to it. New layout + wider photos + new title. Let's hope this one will stick because it's exhausting to update it everywhere. Now I just hope my little handful of readers will find their way here :)

Outings: Nostalgia 2015.

At this time of year we tend to visit a lot of classic car events. Yesterday it was time for the annual Nostalgia Festival down in Ronneby. It's held in the beautiful Brunnsparken, a park well worth a visit in itself. If you ask me, a chance to don one of my flowery vintage dresses and eat sweets and hotdogs to my heart's content always makes for a good time :)

Around here: Cousin J's graduation.

Around here: A city filled with lilacs.

Life lately: May 2015.

I've been away on training in Stockholm this week so this is a bit late...

Watching | I actually watched a bunch of really good films in May. Big Eyes, Still Alice and Just Before I Go were my favourites. Julianne Moore definitely deserved that Oscar. Other than that it was time to say goodbye to Mad Men which I will miss dearly, and all the other TV shows I've followed this spring ended for the season.

Listening to | My summer playlist more and more often :)

Consuming | Icecream and way more Diet Coke than I should.

Reading | Still reading Yes Please. Amy Poehler is too funny.

Visiting | The parents, mum's godparents... The big store in the west i.e. Ullared. And that surprise visit to the hospital which already feels like forever ago but actually was just three weeks ago.

Enjoying | Life on the verge of summer - the weather in May was beautiful most of the time and the whole city is in bloom with lilacs and those big poppies I love. All the shopping I did, especially the new dresses I bought. Reviving one of my slumbering hobbies - dollhouses - and making plans for how I'm going to redecorate the one I bought a decade ago that's been in storage ever since.

Making | Spreads for my 2000-2004 Project Life album. I only have one third left now and I kind of don't want to finish it because then my five months of Project Life fun will be over and it'll be back to photobook making... Which is fun too, but I will miss PL. Something tells me that it's quite likely I will end up making a fourth Project Life album of the years 2005-2008 eventually.

Looking forward to | Going to Österlen in the middle of June. And my summer vacation a bit further down the line, although we have yet to decide how we'll be spending it which is stressing me out a bit.