Around here: Christmas 2016.

Christmas this year wasn't quite what I would have wished for. For various reasons neither one of my sisters was able to come home for Christmas so it was just me, Per, my parents + grandfather + my aunt and her family celebrating. Still quite a big gathering, of course, but seeing as it was my first Christmas without my sisters (except for Christmas 2004 when I lived in London) it was hard not to feel their absence. Fortunately our little ray of sunshine Elsa was with us celebrating her first Christmas, and at the end of the day, I can imagine no better company than a cute little kitten, any day of the year ♥

Project Life: November 2016.

Here are my spreads for the month of November which is finished a couple of days ago. Only one month left of 2016 before I can order my photo book, I can't believe how fast this year has gone by! I used quite a lot of different products for these ones so I'm very pleased that they came out looking relatively cohesive :)

Starting out with a spread about the month in general as always. Calendar card from the Project 52 2016 Edition (recoloured to all white) and "November" stamp from Paislee Press. All the other cards are from the Everyday Edition. I cut out the little "sticker" from a filler card from the Moments Like These Edition.

A spread about an outing we went on to the Store Mosse national park. All products from the beautiful new Project 52 Fresh Edition.

Bringing home little Elsa was a great opportunity to use the Cats Themed Cards. This is a spread about her first day home. "Welcome" stamp from Paislee Press.

A spread about my visit to my mum's godparents. All products from Project 52 Fresh.

Documenting the week I spent home with Elsa :) Cards from the Baby Edition and Stampin' Up! Hello Baby Girl, except for the "just us" card which is from Project 52 Fresh (hearts are from Hello Baby Girl though).

Another spread about Elsa, this time about our visit to my sister when she got to meet her "cousin" Alfons for the first time. I used Cats Themed Cards for this as well, but the "hello" stamp is from a card from Project 52 Fresh.

Finally, a spread about the last weekend of November when we went to a local Christmas market and decorated for Christmas. Joyful Papers and elements by Amber LaBau Designs. You can see these pages in larger size in this entry over at Amber's blog.

Project Life is a memory keeping system created by Becky Higgins. You can learn more about it here. Digital page protectors by Valorie Wibbens.

Around here: It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

I just love this time of year! In November the Christmas lights start to pop up around town and it suddenly gets so much lighter even though the days are just getting shorter. This year we decorated our apartment for Christmas on the last Saturday of November and then mum came to visit and we went to the Christmas market at the castle together. Just as always I stocked up on Christmas sweets + some other goodies. We also baked saffron buns one evening after work and enjoyed them freshly baked with some mulled wine. And this is only the beginning :)

Life Lately: November 2016.

Watching | Swedish TV shows Så Mycket Bättre, Historieätarna and Det sitter i väggarna, season 3 of The Affair, a couple of episodes of This Is Us (just love what they did with the pilot - if you've seen it you probably know what I mean), and the films Ithaca and Indignation.

Listening to | All the music from Så Mycket Bättre + (of course) my Christmas playlist.

Consuming | Plenty of blood oranges that are finally in season! And freshly made orange/carrot/apple juice for breakfast during the weekends when there's time for such indulgences in the mornings.

Reading | Finished Lullabies for Little Criminals and started To The Bright Edge of the World which is just a perfect read for winter.

Visiting | My mum's godparents who live deep in the big woods, on a day that just happened to be a beautiful winter day when every little tree branch was covered with frost. Also, my parents and my sister.

Enjoying | Getting to know our new family member Elsa, having a relaxing week off from work in the middle of the month, cozy nights spent at home watching films + TV shows, real winter days with snow and frost, more sunny days than in October and starting to prepare for Christmas.

Making | So much progress with my hybrid 2005-2009 album! I finished several years during November. I only have a couple of spreads for late 2009 left to finish before I can have the photos/cards printed. Look out for photos of the finished album early next year! I've also been working on my November spreads for my 2016 album, but 2005-2009 has definitely been my priority :)

Looking forward to | Finishing my 2005-2009 album and 2016 photo book! And just the holiday season in general with all it entails when it comes to food, time spent with family + of course some extra days off from work.

Around here: Welcoming a new family member.

The 12th of November was a very special day because it was the day we brought home our little kitten Elsa. She had just turned twelve weeks old and was so tiny! I took a week off from work so I could be home with her the first week and help her get adjusted to her new home and we had the best time together. She played with all the toys we'd bought as we prepared for her arrival and spent a lot of time sleeping on her baby blanket right next to my laptop while I was working on my Project Life projects.

If someone had told me a couple of years ago that there'd come a day when I'd voluntarily get a pet I would never have believed them. Growing up I had dogs, but I never really liked them and always said I would never, ever let a pet enter my home when I'd got my own place. However, what I simply didn't realize back then is that I am 100 % a cat person. Elsa really is the sweetest little fluffy creature I ever did see and I am so happy that she is part of our lives :)

Outings: Store Mosse national park.

Earlier this month we travelled a couple of hours east to pick up our new kitten Elsa. It was the perfect day for a roadtrip - everywhere we went the trees were covered with white frost. It was like travelling through a magical winter wonderland. On the way we visited the Store Mosse national park which is the largest marsh area in southern Sweden. I've been meaning to go there for a while but we rarely head that way so this was a great opportunity. It was really cold and foggy so we weren't able to see very far across the marsh land, but what we did see was beautiful. I hope I can make it back there and explore the area some more in the not too distant future, perhaps next summer.

Project Life: October 2016.

Here are my spreads for the month of October at last! I actually finished them several weeks ago but I've been focusing on my (physical/hybrid) 2005-2009 Project Life album these past few weeks and pretty much forgot about everything else. I've just been having so much fun with it! Might have something to do with the fact that I've been using this awesome new core kit you might have heard about for most of it.

First up is a spread about the month in general. Calendar card from the Project 52 2016 Edition (recoloured to all white) and October stamp from Paislee Press. Journalling card from the Everyday Edition. Everything else is from the beautiful Friendsgiving kit by Paislee Press.

A spread about a day we spent visiting the local harvest festival. All products are from the Thirty-One kit by Amber LaBau & Sara Gleason.

About a special daytrip we went on. All cards are from the Everyday Edition (recoloured to navy) and the "we are adventurers" stamp is from Paislee Press.

A spread that might seem like it doesn't really fit in but it's about a day I spent visiting my distant relatives and going through (+ scanning) their old photos so it makes sense. I also documented my Good Life post being published on Becky's blog in this spread which is essentially about my passion for memory keeping in various forms. Cards from the Everyday Edition (recoloured) and the Heritage Edition.

About work + a special party this month. All products from the aforementioned Friendsgiving kit by Paislee Press.

Documenting an outing we went on. Cards from the Everyday Edition (some recoloured) + "remember this" filler card made from one of the Goes With Everything papers by Paislee Press.

Finally, two spreads about the final weekend of the month which was so beautiful + sunny. All cards from the All Year Long Edition.

Project Life is a memory keeping system created by Becky Higgins. You can learn more about it here. Digital page protectors by Valorie Wibbens.

Life Lately: October 2016.

Watching | On the film front we watched Speak which I had to watch to see how it compared to the book, which I read in September. I think it was a really good adaptation. We also went to see the crazy but fun Swedish film Morran & Tobias - Som en skänk från ovan at the cinema when it came out at the end of the month. As for TV we finally finished season 2 of The Affair, just in time for season 3, and Swedish show Så Mycket Bättre started which means we know what we'll be doing the upcoming Saturday nights. It's one of the few times we actually watch regular TV anymore.

Listening to | Went through (still going through) a major Lene Marlin phase for some reason. I guess her melancholy tunes just suit my mood these days. Other than that we've unsurprisingly been listening to the music from Så Mycket Bättre a lot.

Consuming | Nothing really stands out.

Reading | About to finish Lullabies for Little Criminals.

Visiting | My sister + her boyfriend to celebrate their birthdays, my parents, P's mum and my grandaunt and a second cousin of my father who I'd never met before. Got my hands on (well, got to scan) lots of old photos of my ancestors which was really exciting.

Enjoying | The (very) occasional sunlight, the colours of autumn, continuing to decorate my dollhouse and our biannual leaving party at work which was just as epic as always.

Making | Project Life spreads for my (physical) 2005-2009 album.

Looking forward to | It might be a bit early, but I've already started to look forward to ordering this year's photo book in January :)

Project Life: September 2016.

Today I'm sharing my spreads for the month of September. I actually finished most of these several weeks ago, but I felt like the colours and styles were all over the place and wanted to change things around to make the spreads a bit more cohesive. I am not super strict about all of the spreads matching or anything, but I like each month's spreads to have some sort of connecting thought behind them, even though it doesn't always work out. Finally in the last few days I swapped out some cards and recoloured others and arrived at a result that feels good enough. It's not perfect, but as we all know, done is better than perfect when it comes to memory keeping :)

Starting out with a spread about the month in general. Calendar card from the Project 52 2016 Edition (recoloured to all white) and September stamp from Paislee Press. Journalling + filler cards from the Everyday and Moments Like These Editions (the filler cards have been recoloured).

A spread about a day I spent with my mum + sisters. All products from the Golden Kit by Amber LaBau Designs, except for the "more of this" stamp which is from Paislee Press.

About a visit to a beautiful sunflower field. All cards from the Midnight Edition except for the "happy place" stamp which is from Paislee Press.

About this beautiful evening. Journalling card from the Everyday Edition, filler cards from the It's A Man's World collection and "moments" stamp from, you guessed it, Paislee Press :)

First of two spreads about our day trip to Linköping in early September, shared previously here. All products from the Golden Kit by Amber LaBau Designs.

All products from the aforementioned Golden Kit.

First of two spreads about a Sunday outing we went on to Stensjö By and Vånevik. Products from the Fresh Air kit by Paislee Press.

Products from the Fresh Air kit.

Finally, another spread about the month in general. Cards from the Everyday Edition.

Project Life is a memory keeping system created by Becky Higgins. You can learn more about it here. Digital page protectors by Valorie Wibbens.

Life lately: September 2016.

Watching | I watched some of my favourite films out of the ones I've watched so far this year in September. Me Before You was surprisingly sweet and not at all as cheesy as I had expected. Sully was such a gripping story, especially considering that it is based on a true story. Finally, Bridget Jones's Baby managed to greatly surpass my expectations, which admittedly were low considering the disaster that was the second film. I went to see it even though I was sceptical because I love the original film so much, and I loved that this one had the same feel and charm as the first film. I will forever ignore the existence of the second film and view Bridget Jones's Baby as the only sequel.

Listening to | Still mostly Melissa Horn + Miriam Bryant.

Consuming | Satsumas which are finally in season!

Reading | Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson, which believe it or not, I had never read before. I don't understand how I managed to miss it all these years, especially in my teens when I would have been all over a novel like this. These days I don't usually read young adult novels but made an exception after hearing great things about it, and I am glad I did because it is very captivating + has a very powerful message.

Visiting | My parents, P's mother and my sister.

Enjoying | Indian summer that lasted almost the entire month! It was truly a dream. Spending time outdoors in the sun, going mushroom picking, working on my Project Life spreads, joining the Amber LaBau Creative Team + embarking on a special journey.

Making | Updates to my family tree + the aforementioned Project Life spreads.

Looking forward to | More autumn colours + some answers that October will bring, for better or worse.