Photobook pages: May 2012.

Remember how thrilled I was that I'd finally made some progress on my 2012 photobook way back in April? Well, I made a couple more spreads after that but then the summer came and I didn't work on it at all for months (just like I'd expected - summer is not the time to stay indoors in front of the computer after all). Now that autumn is here I've taken it up again and this week I finally completed the month of May 2012. What a busy month it must have been - I devoted 9 whole spreads to it alone as opposed to the 4 I did for February-April. Based on the amount of photos I've got saved from 2012 I'm only about 27 % done, but I haven't given up on completing the book this year yet. It was one of my new years resolutions after all. Anyway, enough writing. Here are the spreads: