Around here: Signs of spring.

On Sunday we went for a little walk around the neighbourhood in search of signs of spring. We didn't have to look for very long before we found both snowdrops and winter aconite. Meteorologically speaking, spring will be here any day now. The days are getting longer with each week passing and I couldn't be happier that I'm now getting home from work before the sun sets. In a few weeks I will be able to go for walks in daylight after work again and this period of hibernation will be over. How I love this time of year :)

Project Life: Prague.

Here are my Project Life spreads about my trip to Prague in January :) I used the Everyday Edition exclusively for these. I especially love using it to document trips. The templates are by Valorie Wibbens. As you might see I've included some memorabilia in these spreads. I started doing that when I documented my trip to Croatia last year and I just love how convenient it is. I simply scan my memorabilia and then I toss out the physical items. Sometimes I even scan it using my iPhone as I go, so I don't even need to bring it with me back home.

Project Life is a memory keeping system created by Becky Higgins. You can learn more about it here.

Outings: Aboda Klint.

Earlier this month we went back to Aboda Klint, which has become my favourite place to go on outings in recent years. Our reason for going this time was actually rather sad. On the evening before we went we happened to stumble across an announcement online that said there was going to be a ceremony to say goodbye to Aboda Klint's famous belvedere the next day at noon, because it was scheduled to be torn down in the upcoming week. It was actually closed down already in 2013 because it was discovered that it had begin to rot, but people still had hope that it could be saved somehow. However, recently it turned out that the damage had gone too far and it was starting to become a hazard, so it had to come down. I think we were some of the people who had driven the longest to say goodbye, but it felt good to be there and see it one last time. I will always remember the magnificent view from the top, and be grateful that I got to experience it a couple of times before it was closed. I hope that there will be money to build another belvedere in its place someday, but until then I know I'll still go back to Aboda Klint because even without the belvedere the views from the hill it stood on are so beautiful. And the cafe has the best semlas, among other things.

Project Life: My finished 2015 photobook.

Project Life: January 2016.

I thought I'd share my Project Life layouts from January (except for the ones about Prague which I haven't finished yet).

The first spread, a bit about the month in general. The January + twenty sixteen stamps are from Paislee Press. Cards from the Project 52 2016 Edition and the Midnight Edition.

Our first outing of the year, when we went to Öland on the 2nd of January. Cards from the Moments Like These Edition.

This day. These cards are also from the Moments Like These Edition.

More about the month in general. The quote card is by Elise Blaha, the rest is from the Everyday Edition and the Midnight Edition.

A spread about this morning. The cards are from the Midnight Edition.

 The final spread of the month (except for Prague). Of course I had to document being on the Creative Team :) Cards from the Everyday Edition and the Midnight Edition.

This month's spreads are a great example of how much impact Project Life has had on the way I document my life. In the past, I've hardly taken any photos at all in January. In my 2015 photo book, for example, I dedicated just one spread to photos from January, and that also included photos from February. There was hardly any journalling. Now I filled up six whole spreads just for this month. And sure, the weather's been beautiful so there were more photo opportunities than usual, but I've also become so much more intentional about the way I document my life. I am so grateful to Project Life for helping me document aspects of my life which would have been forgotten otherwise.

Project Life is a memory keeping system created by Becky Higgins. You can learn more about it here. Products used frequently: Digital page protectors by Valorie Wibbens and cards from the Everyday Edition, Midnight Edition and Moments Like These Edition (some items have been recoloured).

Trips in 2016: Prague.

We had a great time in Prague the weekend before last and I thought I would share some photos from the trip with you. It's such a beautiful city, with plenty to see and do. January might not be the best time for a visit weather-wise and we sure got to experience all kinds of weather during our three day stay, but we made the most of it. On the first day, it was ten degrees below zero. It was actually the best day weather-wise though since we had sunshine all day. On the second day it snowed almost all day. Then by the third day the snow had melted and it was around five degrees. I brought ski pants with me that I wore when we were outside the first two days. I might have looked ridiculous, but it was worth it because I managed to stay warm and was able to focus on seeing the sights rather than trying to escape the cold.

On the first day we explored the old town, saw the Astronomical Clock, went up the Town Hall Tower and walked across the Charles Bridge. The view from the tower of the city's snowcovered rooftops was spectacular. On the second day we walked up to the Prague Castle and visited the St. Vitus Cathedral. The roads leading up to the castle were very slippery so we sure took our time walking there & back down to the old town again. I couldn't take as many photos on the second day because I had to protect the camera from the heavy snow. On the third day we went for a walk on the Petrin Hill and then we spent some time in the Jewish quarters, visiting the Old Jewish Cemetery and some of the synagogues. Finally we went to the Czech Beer Museum (not to me confused with the Prague Beer Museum) where my fellow travellers greatly enjoyed the beer samples at the end, including mine since I don't drink beer. Other than this, our stay in Prague included lots of great food, warm and cold drinks as well as at least one trdelnik covered in nutella a day.

All in all, my first time in Prague did not disappoint, and I would love to go back there someday.