Project Life: Greece 2016.

Today I thought I'd share my Project Life pages about our trip to Greece this summer. I used last summer's Summer Manifesto kit by Paislee Press almost exclusively for these pages, and it was such a fun challenge to come up with so many different ways to combine the papers and elements! I also loved creating my own journalling + filler cards, something I haven't done that much so far. This kit is a great example of why I love everything that Liz Tamanaha creates, all her kits are so versatile + work so well together!

The first spread about our first day, including memorabilia in the form of my boarding card. The journalling card is from the the Everyday Edition (recoloured).

The second spread about the first day...

... and the third spread. I got a bit snap happy this day, everything was brand new and I had to document it all!

Our second day.

Evening of our second day. A rare spread without a large photo on the left side. I never start a new "chapter" without a large photo, but since this is the second spread about day two and I had a lot of photos to include I used two Design A pages for this spread. "Summer is my favorite" stamp from pictures + words no. 7.

Day three, first outing. Memorabilia in the form of an entrance ticket to the monastery. "This view" sticker cut out from a filler card from the Moments Like These Edition.

Day three, part two.

Day four, our outing to Korfu. "Adventure" stamp from pictures + words no. 7.

Day five, first part of our outing to Albania.

More about our day in Albania.

Day six, a day we spent almost entirely at the beach.

Final day, part one.

Final day, final spread :)

Project Life is a memory keeping system created by Becky Higgins. You can learn more about it here. Digital page protectors by Valorie Wibbens. Products from the Summer Manifesto kit by Paislee Press unless otherwise stated.

Trips in 2016: Parga part 2/2.

I'm finally getting around to sharing the second part of my photos from Greece. (The first part can be found here). Above are some photos from the first outing we went on - to the magnificent UNESCO World Heritage site Meteora. I wanted to go there already during our first visit to Parga, but the tickets for the outing got sold out, and I was soo disappointed. This time I made sure to book the outing in advance.

Meteora was definitely worth the wait! We were so mesmerized that the monks had been able to build all those monasteries high up on mountain summits so many years ago! We got to visit the Monastery of Great Meteoron which is the largest of Meteora's six monasteries, and learned about what life looks like for the (just three) monks who still live there. Afterwards we drove around a bit and got to see more of those beautiful mountains! We also made a stop in the sweet mountain town of Metsovo and suddenly felt almost like we were in the Alps. The cool mountain air was so refreshing after the heat of Meteora. Before it was time to head home we found a café that served milkshake with cookie crumbles in it which was so delicious! (PS. The guide took the photo of the two of us, which is why my feet are cropped out - I would never do that!)

The next day we left Parga early in the morning again, this time on a ferry instead of a bus. After a couple of hours we made it to Corfu town on the island of Corfu. The day was soo warm and did not render itself all that well to exploring a city, but since we had travelled all that way we obviously had to see some of the sights! We spent the day walking around the city's cozy little alleys (which reminded me a lot of other cities in southern Europe like Split and Kotor) and also climbing to the top of the Old Fortress, which I have to say was quite a feat on such a hot day! We ended up spending the last hour or so before heading home at a bar drinking cold drinks, which were MUCH needed :)

Our third and final outing was to Albania. The border is just a few hours away from Parga so it makes for a great day trip destination. It was definitely interesting to see a little bit of a country that tourists are only just beginning to discover. We started out by visiting the archeological site of Butrint (or Buthrotum). A local guide told us about all the different people who have lived there over the years - the site was inhabitated already between the 10th and 8th centuries BC, if not earlier! Afterwards we headed into the town of Saranda which is one of the places most popular among tourists in Albania. We had lunch there and explored the town a bit. It was another very warm day and we mostly tried to stay out of the sun. Since we only had a couple of hours to spend there we didn't feel like getting all sandy on the beach, but I longed for a cooling swim and said that I wished there was a bar where you could also go swimming. Not much later, I found a bar just like that! It was like a dream come true. While we waited for our drinks we climbed down a ladder right next to our table into the water. Before it was time to head home we even had time for another dip. It might just have been my favourite bar ever :)

After all these outings we were quite exhausted so we spent the rest of our trip in Parga, mostly in sun chairs on the beach + in and out of the Mediterranean Sea, so we were well rested when it was time to head home again.

Project Life: July 2016.

This morning I finally had time to add the finishing touches to my July spreads. I often put together the pages without journalling first and fill that in later, sometimes not until the month is over when I have more perspective on what I want to include. This year I've been keeping notes on my phone about daily events - just some short keywords about each day, and it has made it so much easier to keep track of everything! I wish I had started doing this sooner. In any case, here are my eleven spreads for the month of July. (These do not include our trip to Greece which I have yet to finish and will be sharing separately.)

Introducing the month. Calendar card from the Project 52 2016 Edition (recoloured to all white) and July stamp from Paislee Press. Journalling card on the left side from the Everyday Edition and the cards on the right side from the new Better Together Edition - my favourite release in July.

The first day of our summer vacation, when we went strawberry + raspberry picking. I was feeling a bit uninspired this month and decided to try something new so I bought some Paislee Press kits and challenged myself to use them throughout the month, mostly the Backyard BBQ Kit. The colours worked so well with my photos from July! I supplemented it with cards from the Moments Like These, Everyday and Midnight Editions (often recoloured).

About a music festival we attended one summer evening. Journalling card from the Midnight Edition (recoloured), filler cards from Backyard BBQ and Summer Manifesto (the 4x6 "cards" are from the festival's official website).

Time with my mum + sisters. Cards from the Moments Like These Edition (recoloured to match the colour scheme of Backyard BBQ).

About a day I spent with my friend Linda. Products from Backyard BBQ.

Documenting a visit from my friend Evelina + her two girls. (She took the photos of me.) Products from Backyard BBQ.

More about what we did during our summer vacation, before we went to Greece. Journalling card from the Midnight Edition (recoloured), the rest from Backyard BBQ.

After Greece, when we went to the island of Aspö in the archipelago of Karlskrona and stayed on the top floor of the old Harbour Pilot Tower turned hotel. Once again, products from Backyard BBQ (except the "We are here" sticker which is from the From Where I Stand kit (recoloured).

More about Aspö, and more Backyard BBQ with a stamp from the From Where I Stand kit.

A BBQ with family. I think you can guess where the products are from by now ;)

Blueberry picking on the final day of July, as well as the final day of our vacation. Backyard BBQ except for the 4x6 card which is from Better Together and "get outside" sticker from the recent Fresh Air Kit (which I am looking forward to using a lot more for my August spreads).

Project Life is a memory keeping system created by Becky Higgins. You can learn more about it here. Digital page protectors by Valorie Wibbens.

Life lately: July 2016.

Watching | I actually only watched one new film in July, and it's not really worth mentioning. We didn't spend enough time at home to leave much room for watching films or TV. Towards the end of the month we started watching the British TV series The Last Kingdom which started airing on Swedish TV. It's pretty good so far.

Listening to | A random mix of old and new summer hits.

Consuming | All the fresh berries... Black currant, red currant, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and even some blackberries. And plenty of frozen yoghurt and ice cream of course.

Reading | While on vacation I finished Girl At War, The Storyteller and Gypsy Boy and now I'm about to finish Purple Hibiscus. Considering that I usually only read about a book a month I have to say I did pretty well. Our hotel in Parga had one of those convenient book swap shelves which helped me find new things to read :)

Visiting | My parents and P's parents. And it breaks my heart that this is the last time I can write that, because on the final Saturday of the month my father-in-law passed away, and life as we knew it will never be the same again. #fuckcancer

Enjoying | My three weeks of vacation, although of course considering the circumstances it wasn't as carefree as it usually is.

Making | July Project Life pages + renovating and decorating the dollhouse I bought in June.

Looking forward to | Things calming down a bit + getting back to my normal routines.