Photobooks: 2013 album cover.

Last night I finished and ordered my 2013 photobook! I completed it several weeks faster than its 2012 counterpart even though it's about 70 pages longer. Making photobook pages has become a much quicker process than it used to be for me because I no longer spend as much time on each page and especially don't overthink the page design as much as before.

I shared the pages I made for January, February and March on here but then I fell behind and decided that it would be too overwhelming to share them all. However, you can preview the entire book here (but the page is very slow). Here's a close-up of the cover:

*Front cover template from Chelle's Creations. I used a template I downloaded years ago for the back cover. The blog I got it from sadly no longer exists.

Photobooks: My 2010 photobook 2.0.

Earlier this month I decided to take a break from creating pages for my 2013 photobook (I've finished the first five months of the year so far) and tackle another project on my to do list, namely remaking my 2010 photobook. Even though I spent a lot of time working on the original version and it certainly wasn't cheap, I wasn't at all happy with it anymore. It was the first book I made and it's definitely been a learning process... I knew next to nothing about photo editing back then and many of the photos from that year were taken with my old camera and phone which made the quality pretty bad. Also, the spine was white and my other 3 photobooks have grey covers.

As you might recall I had my 2009 book (which I actually created after the 2010 one) reprinted last year in Blurb's 7x7 small square format. I found it too small and intended to have the new version of the 2010 book printed in my usual 12x12 format, but since my 2010 photos were of such low resolution I went for the 7x7 format for the new 2010 book after all. This time I made each spread with a photo that fills the entire left page, and I hope that will make it feel less small. I wish Blurb offered 8x8 books like most other vendors, but as it is I prefer to stick to Blurb so my books look alike rather than try another vendor.

You can preview the book here. I used the Curated template series from Paislee Press. This was my first time using the same series of templates for an entire book, and it made the process so much quicker. It only took me about a week to finish the entire book and it's 92 pages so about 30 pages longer than the original. The fact that I'd already made the selection of photos once also helped - I often find that simply selecting which photos to include takes the longest time. It was quite fascinating to look through the 2010 photos again and see how far I've come when it comes to photography as well. I literally knew nothing back then!

I like the cohesive look of the Curated templates and now when I look at the 2013 pages I've created so far I feel like my regular templates and myriad of backgrounds seem rather messy... However, that is the style I've grown to love so I am sure I will be fine with it once I start working on the 2013 book again. Working in the 12x12 format leaves more room to be flexible too. In any case, since I've finished about a third of the 2013 book there's no way I'll be starting over now!

Photobook pages: Thailand 2013 part 2/2.

Here's the rest of the Thailand pages.

A spread from the evening we had dinner at the Hilltop restaurant in Ao Nang.

The next day we went down to the beach and climbed over the nearby mountain to Pai Plong Bay and found a rather secluded beach. I wish I could have stayed there forever.

Next in line was our outing to Lading Island and Pak Bia Island...

as well as Hong Island.

We had a couple of monkey encounters :)

On our last day in Ao Nang we went to Railay Beach and Phra Nang Cave.

This was our last evening in Ao Nang.

Our last last day in Thailand, spent at the incredible Anantara Si Kao hotel. Read more about the last day and our long journey home here.

Photobook pages: Thailand 2013 part 1/2.

Just as I predicted finishing these pages took quite some time. Here they are at last.

First of all, a spread with some of the iPhone photos I took and various photos that didn’t really fit into the other spreads. (I actually edited the DSLR photos here in Instagram to make them look cohesive.)

Our fantastic hotel, Thai Village Resort in Ao Nang, Krabi.

The first of two spreads of the pool area. We spent so much time there that it deserved two spreads.

I really miss this place.

Sunset on the beach in Ao Nang and various glimpses of our evenings downtown. (Read more about our time in Ao Nang here).

This was the first outing we went on, to Chicken Island, Tup Island & Poda Island. (There’s more about the outings we went on here.

Next up, the Klong Thom Thermal Waterfall and Sa Morakot (Emerald Pool).

Later that same day we went elephant riding :)

Since this is long enough already I will post the second half in another entry.

Photobook pages: February & March 2013.

We saw the sunrise and sunset on a Sunday in early February. I know I've said it many times before but it can't be said enough - what a beautiful winter we had last year.

It's becoming a February tradition, a trip to Poland to see grandma around her birthday.

Fanny came to visit us in late February and we went to feed the hundreds of birds in the park.

Various Instagram photos from February.

The first weekend in March, a walk with Fanny near our hometown. The light when we took these photos was soo pretty.

Another photo from the above walk + Instagram photos from the rest of March/Easter.

Finishing the above pages means I'm about to start working on the Thailand pages. I've made 10.5 spreads from January-March so far and I predict Thailand will fill up about 20 spreads? But then again the Thailand photos make up about 20 % of my 2013 photos haha. Perhaps I should have made this epic trip its own book, but I like having just my yearly albums so I want to incorporate it. In any case, I expect it will be a long time before I finish those pages...

Photobook pages: January & February 2013.

I thought I'd share the first spreads I've completed for my 2013 photobook. This will be the first page; it's the first time I did a title page of sorts, for my 2010 and 2012 books I simply included the first photos I took that year and in 2011 I left it blank because I didn't want to do a half spread. I got the text template from the awesome Caylee Grey, but I combined her goodbye 2013 and hello 2014 templates since I am a year behind with my scrapbooking. Incidentally, this was the very first photo I took in 2013 (on the 3rd of January). I was on my way to the hairdresser, saw the beautiful sunset through the gazebo by the train station and just had to take a photo.

On January 5th we went for a walk on the island of Svinö north of Kalmar. There wasn't any snow and the strait hadn't frozen over yet, that would come later in the month.

More glimpses from the month of January. By the end of the month winter had arrived with full force, and what a beautiful winter it was. As I have mentioned a couple of times January this year hasn't been very photogenic yet, but historically I have never taken many photos at this time of year; last year was the exception. I know there will be beautiful winters again even if this one never amounts to much.

On the 2nd of February we went to the More Kastell canyon. I will always remember the day fondly. As we walked around in that beautiful sunshine we thought spring was just around the corner. Little did we know then that it'd be another two months before spring would arrive for real. (Template on the right from Simply Yin.)

On our way home from More Kastell we stopped by Aboda klint to see the sunset. It was our second visit that year, we went once in January too but it was cloudy then and I wanted another chance to see the sunset.

I still have a couple of spreads left of February, but I am taking my time. Last year I didn't start my book until May and I still finished it in November, so this year I've already gotten off to a head start compared to last year.