Around here: Easter weekend.

Around here: Glimpses from March.

Project Life: February 2016.

Yesterday I finished my Project Life spreads for the month of February. I love that the process I've developed over the past months makes it so quick & easy to stay up to date with my monthly documenting.

Life Lately: February 2016.

Watching | Several films but most notably Room and Man Up. The latter was hilarious + reminded me why I love British rom-coms so much. Room was the most captivating film I've seen in a long time, much like the book was one that I just couldn't put down. I had looked forward to watching it ever since I read the book in 2011 and wasn't disappointed. I was so excited to learn that Brie Larson won the Oscar for best actress.

Listening to | Adele a lot.

Consuming | A dozen or so semlas throughout the month.

Reading | Goodbye Sarajevo which I'm really enjoying but have yet to finish because I've been slacking with my reading this month. It's not the first year when I've lost momentum at the end of January, with my reading and other areas of life too, unfortunately.

Visiting | My parents, P's parents and my cousin to celebrate his 50th birthday.

Enjoying | The first signs of spring + noticing that the days are getting longer. Getting my 2015 Project Life album in the mail. Seeing family + shopping + other little things.

Making | This month I've been working on my 2014 Project Life album. I've completed about half of it in less than a month and I'm having so much fun with it.

Looking forward to | I should just say spring/lighter days/etc and leave it at that, but February sort of shook things up in unexpected ways and mostly, I am looking forward to a day when I can genuinely feel like I have things to look forward to again.