Photobook pages: June-July 2012.

In the past few weeks I've been working away on my 2012 photobook (hence my somewhat decreased level of activity on Lj). I'm feeling quite inspired and still have hope that I'll complete it this year. I've only finished 45 % of it so far, but if I keep working at the same pace that I have lately it shouldn't be impossible. Here are the June and July spreads. There'll be a few more pages with photos from late July but they will make a chaper of their own. Those of you who were around back then might have a clue what it'll be about.

My visit to the Sofiero Gardens outside of Helsingborg in early June.

When the whole family except Cissi went to Stockholm to celebrate my cousin Sanna's high school graduation. Such happy times with most of the family gathered.

Random glimpses from Midsummer Eve and other days in June. Many of these photos don't look very special but there is so much I could tell you about the context in which they were taken...

A walk through central Helsingborg, starting to say goodbye to my favourite places.

The Fredriksdal Gardens in Helsingborg, my first and only visit.

Instagram photos from the month of July in Kalmar and my hometown. Many memories are hidden in these photos as well.

The start of my summer vacation and the first trip I went on with Per, to the island Visingsö and the town of Gränna. Also, the first official photo of the two of us together ♥

Gränna, the town of candy. Getting that huge lollipop from Per will forever remain one of my favourite memories.

The Västanå waterfall outside of Gränna, and some photos from the city of Jönköping where we stopped on our way back south.

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