Around here: New Years Eve.

Just like last year we spent New Years Eve with our friends Sara and Oskar. This time around we were joined by another couple they know. We met up down by the castle to watch the city's firework display and then headed back to Sara and Oskar's apartment. Sara let me be in charge of party decorations again which I think was generous considering that she and Oskar claim they found confetti around their apartment as late as June last year. Obviously I took my job seriously because no New Years Eve celebration can be complete without streamers, ample amounts of confetti and party horns if you ask me ;)

Other than that Per and I were responsible for making the dessert. After a disastrous and stressful afternoon when I almost ruined kitchen equipment and had to go down to the corner shop for replacement ingredients (ahem) I was very relieved that it turned out so delicious. (In the end) I used my go-to chocolate mousse recipe (no idea why I'd attempted another one at first?) and topped it with Oreo crumbles and mint leaves to make it look like little potted plants. So cute :) Credit goes to my local newspaper for giving me the idea.

The rest of the food was really good as well and we were all very full indeed when the time came to ring in the new year. We stayed until a couple of hours after midnight, chatting and having fun. All in all it was a great start to 2015.

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