Outings: Aboda Klint.

Earlier this month we went back to Aboda Klint, which has become my favourite place to go on outings in recent years. Our reason for going this time was actually rather sad. On the evening before we went we happened to stumble across an announcement online that said there was going to be a ceremony to say goodbye to Aboda Klint's famous belvedere the next day at noon, because it was scheduled to be torn down in the upcoming week. It was actually closed down already in 2013 because it was discovered that it had begin to rot, but people still had hope that it could be saved somehow. However, recently it turned out that the damage had gone too far and it was starting to become a hazard, so it had to come down. I think we were some of the people who had driven the longest to say goodbye, but it felt good to be there and see it one last time. I will always remember the magnificent view from the top, and be grateful that I got to experience it a couple of times before it was closed. I hope that there will be money to build another belvedere in its place someday, but until then I know I'll still go back to Aboda Klint because even without the belvedere the views from the hill it stood on are so beautiful. And the cafe has the best semlas, among other things.

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