Life Lately: April 2017.

Watching | We watched The Beauty and the Beast at the cinema for Per's birthday. I was impressed by how beautifully made it was! Something that surprised me was how well I remember the 90s version, considering that I haven't actually watched it since the 90s. I recognized many lines + songs. It was my favourite Disney film growing up though, along with the Lion King, so I guess I must have watched it a hundred times :) Other than that we didn't watch many films in April, because we started watching The Office from the beginning. I was a huge fan of The Office back in the day - it's one of the TV shows I was the most invested in during my fangirl days (Jim and Pam will forever hold a special place in my heart!). Per had never seen it though and suddenly I felt like rewatching it so we started and he fell in love with it too. He actually asked why I hadn't shared it with him before in our five years together, "considering how many crappy films and TV shows I have made him watch" haha :) We've finished the first four seasons already so we have five more to go, which means we probably won't be watching much else anytime soon.

Listening to | Still the Moana soundtrack, on repeat. It's that great! Per decided that I can only listen to each song five times a day haha. But, we also listened to Lisa Nilsson a lot after seeing her in concert at the beginning of the month (she was amazing!).

Consuming | Easter food + more barbecue food.

Reading | I started The Zoo Keeper's Wife but I didn't finish it yet. Not because I don't like it but simply because I have been too preoccupied with other things to be able to focus on reading.

Visiting | My parents for Easter and Per's mother for Walpurgis Night + other occasions, and my cousin to celebrate her confirmation.

Enjoying | All the flowers, spending time outside with Elsa, sunny days and getting some extra days off for Easter.

Making | Project Life pages documenting the month of March and some pages for my infertility album.

Looking forward to | The weather turning warmer soon, I hope. SUMMER. Getting more time to work on my creative projects - April was filled with social + some work engagements that meant I had less time to spend on my projects than I usually do.

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