Photobook pages: February & March 2013.

We saw the sunrise and sunset on a Sunday in early February. I know I've said it many times before but it can't be said enough - what a beautiful winter we had last year.

It's becoming a February tradition, a trip to Poland to see grandma around her birthday.

Fanny came to visit us in late February and we went to feed the hundreds of birds in the park.

Various Instagram photos from February.

The first weekend in March, a walk with Fanny near our hometown. The light when we took these photos was soo pretty.

Another photo from the above walk + Instagram photos from the rest of March/Easter.

Finishing the above pages means I'm about to start working on the Thailand pages. I've made 10.5 spreads from January-March so far and I predict Thailand will fill up about 20 spreads? But then again the Thailand photos make up about 20 % of my 2013 photos haha. Perhaps I should have made this epic trip its own book, but I like having just my yearly albums so I want to incorporate it. In any case, I expect it will be a long time before I finish those pages...

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