Trips in 2015: Scandinavia Part 1/4.

At long last I'm getting around to uploading my photos from our trip to Norway and Denmark in late July... Here's the first installment, which contains the first two days of the trip. On the first day we drove across the country to Gothenburg. It rained and rained all day and continued to do so in Gothenburg as well, unsurprisingly since the city is infamous for it's rainy weather. I had hoped that we'd get to see a bit of the city but we mostly ended up just hanging out at the hotel and the mall right next to it. We ventured out to the nearby Garden Society briefly but didn't stay long because we got soaked on the way there. The one thing I accomplished in Gothenburg was buy a pair of wellies because the weather forecast for the rest of the week didn't look very promising and I realized I wouldn't make it with my sandals and ballet flats.

Things felt rather bleak, and didn't get much better the next day when it continued to rain as we drove north from Gothenburg towards the border. We still decided to forgo the highway for a more scenic route and got to see the islands of Tjörn and Orust for the first time. They were beautiful, even in such terrible weather. We also skipped the traditional border crossing for a smaller one further inland. It was rather anticlimactic for a border crossing, just some signs and we found ourselves in Norway, all alone in the forest in the rain. Despite the rain we stopped right next to the border crossing to take a look at the Älgö waterfall. The border actually runs straight across it.

We continued on to the city of Halden, where, as you probably can guess by now, it still rained. Slowly we inched closer to the Norwegian capital on small winding roads. Eventually we decided to take the highway for the last bit and soon, with the help of our trustworthy GPS, we got to our hotel and checked in. As we explored our new surroundings it continued to rain, albeit not as heavily. In the evening I looked out the hotel room window and saw a sight I hadn't seen in a long time by then - sunshine! Fortunately, our bad luck weather-wise ended there and the rest of the trip was far more pleasant, with just the occasional showers. (My wellies did come in handy a couple more times though, especially at the beach in Denmark, so I did not have to regret buying them.)

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