Project Life: February 2016.

Yesterday I finished my Project Life spreads for the month of February. I love that the process I've developed over the past months makes it so quick & easy to stay up to date with my monthly documenting.

A spread about the month in general. The calendar card is from the Project 52 2016 Edition (recoloured to all white), the journalling card is from the Midnight Edition (recoloured to match the filler card) and the filler card is from the Sunshine Edition. The February stamp is from Paislee Press and the stamp on the right side is from the A Beautiful Mess app. One of the reasons why I love doing Project Life digitally is that it's so easy to alter journalling/filler cards to fit my needs. However, I hardly ever change the colours completely because I find that the process can get a bit overwhelming if I allow myself to choose from an unlimited number of colours. Moreover, I love most of the colour schemes of the kits I work with and want to keep those. The main reason why I alter cards is that I might want to use cards from more than one kit and in order to make them match, I will recolour a card from one kit using the colour scheme of another, like I did with the yellow above.

An entry about this day. The journalling card + heart are from the Moments Like These Edition while the filler card is from the Everyday Edition.

Some glimpses from the month in general with focus on how I spent my spare time (mostly on Project Life of course) + work (blurred for privacy reasons). Journalling cards from the Everyday Edition and filler cards from the Dazzle Mini Kit which I just love the colours of and have been using quite a lot for my 2014 pages.

Finally, more about the month in general, with focus on Valentine's Day + other special occasions. All the cards except the journalling card on the left side are from the Dazzle Mini Kit. The journalling card is from the Everyday Edition (recoloured to match the colour scheme of Dazzle).

All in all, February was a busy month work wise but rather slow on the homefront, with less than great weather for the most part, which meant that I took less photos than in January. Four spreads is what I would expect to fill up for a month like this, and it's the minimum I aim for. While I don't document weekly, I like the idea of filling at least on spread per week on average. It'll be interesting to see if I can keep it up throughout the year.

Project Life is a memory keeping system created by Becky Higgins. You can learn more about it here. Digital page protectors by Valorie Wibbens.

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