Trips in 2016: Parga part 1/2.

We got home from our week in Greece (minus one day which was spent in Albania if I'm going to be completely accurate) yesterday evening. Uploading photos already the day after getting home from a trip is definitely a new record for me! I found myself home alone with nothing specific that I had to do today (oh how I love those days!) and the weather isn't good enough to make me feel guilty about spending some time inside, so there you go, the stars aligned :)

We spent a week in Parga on the northwestern mainland of Greece two years ago and loved it enough to go back a second time. This time was a bit different from the first in that we ventured further away on day trips a couple of days and didn't spend the entire time in Parga. I'll share photos from the outings we went on in a separate entry, but these are some of the photos I took when we were out and about in Parga + hung out at our hotel. Parga was just as wonderful as last time. We spent our days swimming in the ocean + hotel pool, reading under colourful beach umbrellas, having drinks on our hotel balcony, eating lots of delicious Greek food - especially Greek salad, souvlaki, moussaka and gyros and of course lots of frozen Greek yoghurt, strolling around the city's narrow alleys and climbing up to the castle to watch the sunset. It really was the best of times and while I've always said that I prefer exploring new places every time I go on vacation, I am sure that this wasn't our last time visiting Parga.

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