Project Life: Greece 2016.

Today I thought I'd share my Project Life pages about our trip to Greece this summer. I used last summer's Summer Manifesto kit by Paislee Press almost exclusively for these pages, and it was such a fun challenge to come up with so many different ways to combine the papers and elements! I also loved creating my own journalling + filler cards, something I haven't done that much so far. This kit is a great example of why I love everything that Liz Tamanaha creates, all her kits are so versatile + work so well together!

The first spread about our first day, including memorabilia in the form of my boarding card. The journalling card is from the the Everyday Edition (recoloured).

The second spread about the first day...

... and the third spread. I got a bit snap happy this day, everything was brand new and I had to document it all!

Our second day.

Evening of our second day. A rare spread without a large photo on the left side. I never start a new "chapter" without a large photo, but since this is the second spread about day two and I had a lot of photos to include I used two Design A pages for this spread. "Summer is my favorite" stamp from pictures + words no. 7.

Day three, first outing. Memorabilia in the form of an entrance ticket to the monastery. "This view" sticker cut out from a filler card from the Moments Like These Edition.

Day three, part two.

Day four, our outing to Korfu. "Adventure" stamp from pictures + words no. 7.

Day five, first part of our outing to Albania.

More about our day in Albania.

Day six, a day we spent almost entirely at the beach.

Final day, part one.

Final day, final spread :)

Project Life is a memory keeping system created by Becky Higgins. You can learn more about it here. Digital page protectors by Valorie Wibbens. Products from the Summer Manifesto kit by Paislee Press unless otherwise stated.


  1. I just can't help gushing over your pages each time I see them! First of all, your trip looks amazing and the photos are simply gorgeous... I also love that you have so many photos of both of you. I have trouble getting myself in photos because my husband rarely takes over the camera when we are traveling. Keep up the good work and as always, thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much, I am so flattered that you like my pages :)

      I guess that I am lucky because my boyfriend is the other way around - he dislikes having his picture taken, so he'd much rather offer to take a photo of me than let me take a photo of him. This is why I take so many "candid" photos of him, for example of him walking ahead of me :)

  2. Vackert som fasen! Asså jag tittar på dina spreads och önskar jag hade tålamodet med att sitta och pyssla ihop något dylikt. Fasen, man borde verkligen försöka fixa någon fotobok så man har bilder inför framtiden. Menar, det är ju inte så roligt att ha allt digitalt liksom.. Nej, jag Ska fasen göra de någon gång :D

    1. Tack så mycket :D Åh, jag tycker dina fina bilder förtjänar att skrivas ut, i något format! Du kanske skulle testa Project Life-appen, den är supersmidig och går snabbt att använda när man väl lär sig hur den funkar (och det är inte svårt).