Around here: Welcoming a new family member.

The 12th of November was a very special day because it was the day we brought home our little kitten Elsa. She had just turned twelve weeks old and was so tiny! I took a week off from work so I could be home with her the first week and help her get adjusted to her new home and we had the best time together. She played with all the toys we'd bought as we prepared for her arrival and spent a lot of time sleeping on her baby blanket right next to my laptop while I was working on my Project Life projects.

If someone had told me a couple of years ago that there'd come a day when I'd voluntarily get a pet I would never have believed them. Growing up I had dogs, but I never really liked them and always said I would never, ever let a pet enter my home when I'd got my own place. However, what I simply didn't realize back then is that I am 100 % a cat person. Elsa really is the sweetest little fluffy creature I ever did see and I am so happy that she is part of our lives :)

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