Life Lately: November 2016.

Watching | Swedish TV shows Så Mycket Bättre, Historieätarna and Det sitter i väggarna, season 3 of The Affair, a couple of episodes of This Is Us (just love what they did with the pilot - if you've seen it you probably know what I mean), and the films Ithaca and Indignation.

Listening to | All the music from Så Mycket Bättre + (of course) my Christmas playlist.

Consuming | Plenty of blood oranges that are finally in season! And freshly made orange/carrot/apple juice for breakfast during the weekends when there's time for such indulgences in the mornings.

Reading | Finished Lullabies for Little Criminals and started To The Bright Edge of the World which is just a perfect read for winter.

Visiting | My mum's godparents who live deep in the big woods, on a day that just happened to be a beautiful winter day when every little tree branch was covered with frost. Also, my parents and my sister.

Enjoying | Getting to know our new family member Elsa, having a relaxing week off from work in the middle of the month, cozy nights spent at home watching films + TV shows, real winter days with snow and frost, more sunny days than in October and starting to prepare for Christmas.

Making | So much progress with my hybrid 2005-2009 album! I finished several years during November. I only have a couple of spreads for late 2009 left to finish before I can have the photos/cards printed. Look out for photos of the finished album early next year! I've also been working on my November spreads for my 2016 album, but 2005-2009 has definitely been my priority :)

Looking forward to | Finishing my 2005-2009 album and 2016 photo book! And just the holiday season in general with all it entails when it comes to food, time spent with family + of course some extra days off from work.

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