Project Life: April 2017.

My intention is to finish documenting each month during the following month, when memories are still fresh on my mind, but this didn't really work out in March and April. The reason why I fell behind is that I've been focusing on some other projects and also because documenting March (especially the trip to Budapest) took longer than usual. Last week I finally finished documenting April though, so now I am almost back on track. I've already started working on my June spreads and I hope I can finish my May spreads before the end of the month. For now, I thought I'd share my spreads for April:

First up is a spread about the month in general. It's a bit busy because I documented several different events that didn't warrant their own spreads here, but I think the colours work okay together. This is why I could never be happy doing weekly spreads - I prefer not to mix lots of different events in just one spread (although sometimes it's impossible to avoid, even with the monthly format). The journalling cards are from the Everyday Edition and the calendar + filler card are from Project 52 Fresh.

A spread documenting a sunny day I spent out and about with Elsa in my boyfriend's hometown. Journalling card from the Everyday Edition, the rest is from the From Where I Stand kit by Paislee Press.

Documenting an outing we went on to Nunnedalen on Good Friday. I used the same combination of products as above.

The first of two spreads documenting Easter. All these cards are from the free Easter card collection by Persnickety Prints.

The second spread about Easter. Journalling card from the above Persnickety Prints collection, the rest is from the Memories In the Making Edition.

A spread about a work trip I went on to the west coast. All cards are from the Everyday Edition.

Finally, a spread documenting how we spent the 30th of April, i.e. the Swedish holiday Walpurgis Night. All products from the Good Vibes part 1 and 2 kits by Amber LaBau except the white one on the bottom right side which is from Weekend Vibes by Paislee Press.

Project Life is a memory keeping system created by Becky Higgins. You can learn more about it here. Digital page protectors by Valorie Wibbens.


  1. love your pages, Always! may i ask where you found the digital page protectors?

    1. Thank you! :) Of course! I just noticed the link to the digital page protectors in my entry was broken so I fixed it. They're by Valorie Wibbens and sold in the Lilypad store :)