Trips in 2016: Vimmerby.

A couple of weekends ago we went on a little adventure to the northern parts of the county, where we followed in the footsteps of the famous Swedish author Astrid Lindgren. Our first stop was Astrid's childhood home Näs in Vimmerby which is now part of a museum about her life + work. On the first day we also stopped by the wooden church of Pelarne where her parents were married in 1905 and Sevedstorp, which is where her father grew up and where the films about the Bullerby Children were shot. We stayed in the most beautiful little cottage right by a lake, complete with our own jetty from which we could go swimming. We agreed it was the loveliest place we've ever spent the night in. The next day included a visit to the Rumskulla oak, the Norra Kvill National Park, Katthult where the films about Emil of Lönneberga were shot and Astrid's grave in Vimmerby. Astrid's books were my favourite as a child and her stories + the environments where they took place formed the setting for so many of my childhood fantasies. Visiting all the places that inspired her work all these years later was a truly special experience.

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  1. Åh vackert!! Rumskullaeken är ju den största eken i Sverige, fasen hade velat se den live jag med! Skrev lite om den i mitt examensarbete som var en inventering av just ekar :D Kände igen den från bilden inna jag ens läste texten, hehe :D Bilderna från kärret påminner väldigt mycket om hur det ser ut här uppe i våra urskogar :)