Outings: Vickleby forest.

My old blog posts have been invaluable as I've been catching up with my memory keeping in the past but now that I am up to date with my scrapbooking I'm finding that I feel less inclined to also share my photos online. I've decided that I might not share photos from every little outing we went on anymore but I still want to share some glimpses of what I've been up to here. For example, from an outing we went on last week, one evening after work. It was a beautiful sunny day so we decided to skip doing the chores and drive across the bridge to the island of Öland in search of lilies of the valley. We went for a walk in the woods but couldn't find any, even though it felt like just the type of environment where they would grow. Instead, we found lots of other kinds of flowers. Finally, just as we were getting back to the car, we found a whole patch of lilies of the valley and quickly gathered a little bouquet to bring back home. The divine scent filled our kitchen for days, a lovely reminder of how it pays off to be a bit impulsive sometimes, especially in the summer :)


  1. Helt rätt tycker jag, man ska inte behöva share:a allt med internet. Gör jag inte själv heller :) Vackra bilder förresten, som vanligt :) kram!

    1. Nja jag har iofs aldrig gjort det heller, men brukade vara lite mer pigg på att ladda upp bilder än nu. Men det är nog bara tillfälligt :)

  2. Älskar bilden på dig med maskrosen. Så härlig!