Project Life: May 2016.

Today I'm finally sharing my May spreads. Ten whole spreads, which says something about what a busy month it was. I actually finished these a while ago but since I included some cards from the new Hello Lovely Edition, which is released in digital format today, I've had to wait to share them. In any case, here they are at last.

First up is a spread about the month in general, as always. The calendar card is from the Project 52 2016 Edition (recoloured to all white) and the May stamp is from Paislee Press. The journalling card is from the Everyday Edition and the pink polka dot/right now filler card is actually two filler cards from the Inspire Edition stacked on top of each other. The stripy card is from the Southern Weddings Edition with the shade of pink slightly altered.

A spread about an outing we went on in early May, to the Trollskogen nature reserve on the north east tip of Öland. All the cards are from the It's A Man's World collection by the awesome Liz Tamanaha. It was my first time trying it out and I regret not doing so sooner because the green + blue shades are just perfect for documenting days spent outside. The "here we go" stamp is from Paislee Press, so it's a perfect match.

In early May we finally brought up the balcony furniture and went to the garden centre to get some lovely new flowers. We usually do it in mid or late April but it was still too cold this year. For this spread I used filler cards from the Sunshine Edition (recoloured) and a journalling card from the Everyday Edition (also recolured). I actually made another version of this spread when the beautiful Sunkissed Value Kit was released, but I think I will stick with the original for my album.

One of the many lovely days I spent close to nature in May. All cards from the Rain Edition except one which is from the aforementioned It's A Man's World collection. (As you can see I tried lots of new editions this month.)

About this outing. Cards from the Rain Edition.

One of our first picnics this year, on an ordinary Tuesday evening after work. Cards from the It's A Man's World collection and "happy place" stamp by Paislee Press.

A weekend spent visiting my sister in Malmö. Cards from the Moments Like These and Sunshine Editions (recoloured).

Celebrating a special little baby (photos blurred somewhat for privacy reasons). Cards from the Hello Baby Boy Edition by Stampin' Up!

A spread about this evening. Cards from the Hello Lovely Edition and Midnight Edition (recoloured).

A final spread about the month in general. Filler card from the Hello Lovely Edition with an Elise Blaha quote on top of it, and journalling cards from the Everyday Edition.

Project Life is a memory keeping system created by Becky Higgins. You can learn more about it here. Digital page protectors by Valorie Wibbens.

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